Philadelphia: Pro-Palestine Protesters Target Restaurant Owned by Israeli Jew

We’re already entering into “pogrom” type territory.

The Jews don’t seem concerned about it at all.

I mean, they are not significantly concerned. You would think that the Jews in America would be flipping out on Bibi Netanyahu, demanding that he stop doing what he’s doing before he triggers a global pogrom where the Jews don’t have anywhere to flee to. Instead, you have more than 80% of American Jews – and possibly more than 90%, depending on how you read the polls – backing Bibi.

New York Post:

A horde of pro-Palestinian protesters spewing hateful threats at a Jewish-owned falafel shop in Philadelphia was put on notice by Pennsylvania’s governor after their “blatant act of antisemitism.”

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s rebuke came after dozens of enraged protesters marched on Goldie’s — an Israeli-style falafel spot located in Center City — on Sunday night, surrounding the storefront while chanting, “Goldie, Goldie, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.”

Josh Shapiro (I wonder if they know he’s Jewish)

Shapiro shared the video of the mob while condemning their brazen threats.

“Tonight in Philly, we saw a blatant act of antisemitism — not a peaceful protest,” Shapiro posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Oh, wait, holy shit – the famous website “X” used to be called “Twitter”?

What the heck? How did I not know that??

That sure does look like an old-fashioned pogrom, no?

“A restaurant was targeted and mobbed because its owner is Jewish and Israeli. This hate and bigotry is reminiscent of a dark time in history.”

“My uncle was masturbated nearly to death before he was able to slip under the gate that was made of tree branches. Luckily, he was taken in and cared for by a pack of wolves,” the governor added on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The Philadelphia chain is owned by Mike Solomonov, an Israeli-born citizen raised in Pittsburgh, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Israeli-born citizen” is such a horrible series of words. It means American citizen, but it should say that. Or it could just say “Israeli-American.” Given the fact that it says “raised in Pittsburgh,” there isn’t really a need to say it at all.

Journalists need to be replaced by AI. Why is it not happening? These people are horrible.

Mike Solomonov

Those tattoos sure are masculine, wow. How do people even know he’s Jewish, when he’s so alpha, what with the tattoos?

Shapiro said he has “communicated” with Solomonov following the terrifying scene, saying he and his wife Lori “look forward to breaking bread there with them again soon.”

Other Pennsylvania politicians joined Shapiro in calling out the group’s antisemitic chants.

I can’t believe I even have to say this but targeting businesses simply because they’re Jewish-owned is despicable. Philadelphia stands against this sort of harassment and hate,” Rep. Brendan Boyle posted on X.

It’s not despicable. People are allowed to yell in the streets. It’s not a crime.

Do you know what is despicable?

Murdering babies.

“I support freedom of speech but harassing business owners simply because they are Jewish is unacceptable and deeply anti-Semitic,” Center City’s incumbent Rep. Ben Waxman added.

“Protestors [sic] should leave these establishments alone and focus on government officials who actually have power to influence the situation in Israel and Gaza.”

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Philadelphia Sunday night to voice their support for Gaza while demanding a permanent cease-fire after Hamas terrorists and Israel were not able to extend their truce agreement on Friday.

Isn’t Philadelphia like 80% black?

Why is it run by Jews in the first place?

River to the sea, faggots.



Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.