Plastics in Foods Causing Premature Births and Shrinking Penises

Why is it legal to poison people?

We need to get to the bottom of this.

The argument is generally going to be that people are choosing to use these products, but even if you don’t choose to use these products, they still go into your body, through the environment.

Andrew Anglin has called out Tom Woods to explain how it is not a violation of the non-aggression principle to produce these chemicals at all, while knowing that they are going to enter into people’s private property against their will.


Premature births are on the rise, yet experts aren’t sure why. Now, researchers have found synthetic chemicals called phthalates used in clear food packaging and personal care products could be a culprit, according to a new study.

Past research has demonstrated that phathalates — known as “everywhere chemicals” because they are so common — are hormone disruptors that can impact how the life-giving placenta functions. This organ is the source of oxygen and nutrients for a developing fetus in the womb.

“Phthalates can also contribute to inflammation that can disrupt the placenta even more and set the steps of preterm labor in motion,” said lead author Dr. Leonardo Trasande, director of environmental pediatrics at NYU Langone Health.

Studies show the largest association with preterm labor is due to a phthalate found in food packaging called Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, or DEHP,” Trasande said. “In our new study, we found DEHP and three similar chemicals could be responsible for 5% to 10% of all the preterm births in 2018. This could be one of the reasons why preterm births are on the rise.”

The 5% to 10% percentage translated into nearly 57,000 preterm births in the United States during 2018, at a cost to society of nearly $4 billion in that year alone, according to the study, published Tuesday in the journal Lancet Planetary Health.

“This paper focused on the relationship between exposure to individual phthalates and preterm birth. But that’s not how people are exposed to chemicals,” said Alexa Friedman, a senior scientist of toxicology at the Environmental Working Group, or EWG, in an email.

“Every day, they’re often exposed to more than one phthalate from the products they use, so the risk of preterm birth may actually be greater,” said Friedman, who was not involved in the study.

The American Chemistry Council, an industry trade association for US chemical companies, told CNN the report did not establish causation.



Why are these people not in prison?

“Not all phthalates are the same, and it is not appropriate to group them as a class. The term ‘phthalates’ simply refers to a family of chemicals that happen to be structurally similar, but which are functionally and toxicologically distinct from each other,” a spokesperson for the council’s ’s High Phthalates Panel wrote in an email.

Globally, approximately 8.4 million metric tons of phthalates and other plasticizers are consumed every year, according to European Plasticisers, an industry trade association.

Manufacturers add phthalates to consumer products to make the plastic more flexible and harder to break, primarily in polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, products such as children’s toys.

Phthalates are also found in detergents; vinyl flooring, furniture and shower curtains; automotive plastics; lubricating oils and adhesives; rain and stain-resistant products; clothing and shoes; and scores of personal care products including shampoo, soap, hair spray and nail polish, in which they make fragrances last longer.

Studies have connected phthalates to childhood obesity, asthma, cardiovascular issues, cancer and reproductive problems such as genital malformations and undescended testes in baby boys and low sperm counts and testosterone levels in adult males.

Although these chemicals will be in your body on some level regardless, you can at least try to minimize it by not using the products directly. Try not to use plastic furniture or plastic clothing. Definitely do not use shampoo and soap.

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Definitely, definitely do not use deodorant or perfume.

Do your best to keep them out of your body. If you just don’t use the products directly, you’re going to cut down on something like 90% of the intake.

The remaining 10% is still a disaster, and means that you will probably die of cancer at some point, but hopefully it will be when you’re old.