Australia Warns Israel Attacking Rafah Could Have Devastating Consequences

Shocking revelation…!

The Guardian:

The Australian government has warned that Israel’s plans for a military offensive on the southern Gaza town of Rafah could have “devastating consequences” for Palestinian civilians sheltering there.

The foreign minister, Penny Wong, also suggested on Monday that a failure to ensure special care for more than 1 million civilians in the area, many in makeshift tents, would “cause serious harm to Israel’s own interests”.

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has sought to brush off growing international criticism about the planned ground invasion of Rafah, saying: “We’re going to do it while providing safe passage for the civilian population so they can leave.”

To date, however, Netanyahu has not spelled out where civilians could safely go.

Wong said 153 countries, including Australia, had already voted at the UN general assembly for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

“Many of Israel’s friends, including Australia, have expressed deep concerns about reports of an Israeli military operation in Rafah,” she said on Monday.

“There is growing international consensus: Israel must listen to its friends and it must listen to the international community.”

Wong said Israel had a special obligation to “more than a million civilians sheltering in and around Rafah”.

“Many civilians who were displaced in Israeli operations in the north have moved south to this area, often under Israeli direction,” she said.

“Israel now must exercise special care in relation to these civilians. Not doing so would have devastating consequences for those civilians and cause serious harm to Israel’s own interests.”

What goofy nonsense.

The entire endless assault has had “devastating consequences,” and Australia, like every other ZOG nation, has done nothing.

They do nothing.

They should just shut up.

Making any comment at all just amounts to mocking the Palestinians.

Just release your “we stand with the Jews and their piles of shoes” statements and shut up.