Poles Officially Experiencing “Ukie Fatigue”

It took long enough, but the Poles are finally being overwhelmed by “Ukie fatigue.”

The Poles thought they could deal with the Ukies because of their shared hatred for Russia, but it’s just become too much for them. Every single person in Poland is having to deal with the experience of Ukie refugees on the streets, screaming, whoring, committing petty crimes, demanding things.

Now, the Polish government is faced with the most ridiculous and outrageous demand yet: the Zelensky demand that he be allowed to dump billions of dollars in underpriced grain on the Polish market.

This is the very first time Poland has threatened to just simply end the relationship altogether.

If they did end the relationship, they could start bussing these immigrants (mostly women and children) back across the border. Zelensky is already sending women and children into the meat grinder, so this would actually help him.

The most important point here is this: the fact that Poland would consider pulling support, for any reason at all, proves that they do not believe this moronic narrative that Zelensky pushes that after Putin secures legal status for the Donbass he is going to invade Poland.

If the Poles believed that idiotic nonsense, then no cost would be too high.


Poland may cut its support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia over the growing grain dispute between the two Eastern European countries, Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek, Warsaw’s minister for EU affairs, has said.

Asked to comment on Warsaw’s decision to extend its embargo on Ukrainian grain despite the EU lifting the restriction, the minister told PAP news agency on Tuesday that Poland would be “relentless” on the matter.

Szynkowski vel Sek claimed that Kiev’s pushback over the dispute “harms Ukraine itself,” as it makes “a certain impression on Polish public opinion” and affects the level of support for continued military and economic assistance.

I don’t think the Polish public opinion of the Ukraine can sink any lower.

The average Pole is retarded, and monomaniacally obsessed with Russia, but their hatred for these refugees has already overwhelmed their desire to take revenge on Russia.

Probably, the fact that the Ukraine has failed so abysmally to do any revenge against Russia is also part of the calculus.

The minister added that while Warsaw wants to continue to back Ukraine, there should be public support. “If there is no support for such actions from Poles, it will be difficult for us to continue supporting Ukraine in the same way as we have been doing so far.”

The minister’s comments echo similar remarks by Polish President Andrzej Duda, who recently urged Ukraine “to remember that it receives help from us,” and that Poland is a major transit country for Kiev.

The agricultural row dates back to May, when the European Commission imposed restrictions on imports of some Ukrainian agricultural products to protect local producers amid plummeting prices. Earlier this month, Brussels lifted the embargo after Kiev pledged to tighten control over its agricultural exports. Nevertheless, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania refused to follow the EU’s lead.

Bulgaria agreed to allow Ukrainian grain into the country, but the decision triggered mass protests among local farmers.

In response, Kiev filed a suit against Poland, Hungary and Slovakia at the World Trade Organization, with Taras Kachka, Ukraine’s trade representative, describing their actions as “legally wrong.”

Imagine that Zelensky is suing the number one country supporting him for a right to rip them off.

There is nothing on this earth so radical as the Ukrainian sense of entitlement.