Russian Kids Getting Military Training While American Kids Learn About the Various Objects to Insert Into the Anus

If you were planning a world war, wouldn’t you want to militarize the children?

Instead of doing that, the US is teaching children how to shove things up their assholes.

It’s illogical.

The US is pushing the idea of a century of endless war, and the Chinese and Russians are saying “alright then.”


Russia’s playgrounds are becoming parade grounds. At schools from the Pacific to the Black Sea, children in nursery grade don uniforms and take part in marching practice. Older kids are being taught how to dig trenches, throw grenades and shoot with real ammunition.

In schools across the country, service in the armed forces is being glorified, “voluntary companies” of teenagers are being formed and the national curriculum is being changed to emphasize defense of the motherland.

In short, Russia’s children are being prepared for war.

A Russian schoolboy pictured handling a rifle as part of the new military training.

In August, President Vladimir Putin signed a law introducing a new mandatory course in schools: “Fundamentals of Security and Defense of the Motherland.”

The Education Ministry subsequently promoted courses as part of this initiative to include excursions to military units, “military-sports games, meetings with military personnel and veterans,” and classes on drones.

High-school students would also be taught to use live ammunition “under the guidance of experienced military unit officers or instructors exclusively at the firing line,” according to the ministry.

An extensive survey by CNN of local and social media in Russia found that children as young as seven or eight are receiving basic military training.

Teenagers are also encouraged to compete in what are called Youth Military Sports Games.

The district final in the Orenburg region has just finished. 180 athletes from 14 teams – including the illegally annexed regions of Ukraine – took part in a variety of competitions: grenade throwing, drill training, overcoming an obstacle course and assembling a Kalashnikov assault rifle, store equipment and a military history quiz.

The goal, according to the Defense Ministry, is to “cultivate a sense of mutual assistance and comradely support, high moral and psychological qualities, as well as prepare the younger generation for service in the Armed Forces Russian Federation.”

Frankly, this should always have been normal.

Schoolchildren are given a talk by a soldier from Russia’s army.

Ware is part of life. Children should be prepared for life.

We don’t want war, but it continues to happen, primarily as a result of Jewish people.

But Jewish people are also obsessed with gay sex with little kids.

It creates quite the conundrum for these Jews.