Pope Francis Says It’s Okay to Make Fun of God


Hot take, I guess?


It’s OK to make fun of God as long as the joke is not offensive, Pope Francis said on Friday in a special audience with about 100 comedians, actors and writers from around the world.

Those meeting him at the Vatican included U.S. showbiz celebrities Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Chris Rock and Stephen Colbert. Around two thirds of the guests were Italians.

“Can we also laugh at God? Of course, it’s not blasphemy, we can, just as we play and joke with the people we love,” Francis said, speaking in Italian.

“Humour does not offend, humiliate, or put people down according to their flaws,” he added, holding up “Jewish wisdom and literary tradition” as an example of good comedy.

The pontiff made the remarks after himself coming under fire, and apologising, for the use of an insulting word towards gay people.

“What I am saying now is not heresy: when you manage to draw knowing smiles from the lips of even one spectator, you also make God smile,” Francis said.

When you’re the Pope and you have to explicitly state that what you are saying is not heresy, something has gone horribly wrong.