Pope Francis to Allow Trannies to Get Baptized, Become Godparents

The thing continues.

New York Post:

In the United States, the national conference of Catholic bishops rejects the concept of gender transition, leaving many transgender Catholics feeling excluded.

On Wednesday, the Vatican made public a sharply contrasting statement, saying it’s permissible, under certain circumstances, for trans Catholics to be baptized and serve as godparents.

“It is a major step for trans inclusion … it is big and good news,” said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of Maryland-based New Ways Ministry, which advocates for greater LGBTQ acceptance in the church.

The document was signed Oct. 21 by Pope Francis and Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, who heads the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández

It was posted Wednesday on that office’s website.

If it did not cause scandal or “disorientation” among other Catholics, a transgender person “may receive baptism under the same conditions as other faithful,” the document said.

Similarly, the document said trans adults — even if they had undergone gender-transition surgery — could serve as godfathers or godmothers under certain conditions.

DeBernardo said this seemed to be a reversal of a 2015 Vatican decision to bar a trans man in Spain from becoming a godparent.

During his papacy, Pope Francis has frequently expressed an interest in making the Catholic Church more welcoming to LGBTQ people, even though doctrines rejecting same-sex marriage and sexual activity remain firmly in place.

It is what it is, I guess.

Anglin just told me not to write any commentary here. He said I could say that E. Michael Jones called him out, and out of respect, he wants to talk to him before publishing any significant commentary on the rapid slide of the Church into the full normalization of homosexuality.

It’s fair enough. I respect his respectfulness, and the issue is sensitive enough that it should be dealt with sensitively. Further, it’s hard to know what you’re even supposed to say about it, beyond: “well, this is happening.”

Here is the 3 page PDF on the Vatican’s website.

Here’s an English translation from the Italian:

(Note: “Omoaffettiva” (“homoemotional”) is not an Italian word for “homosexual,” and it appears to be a euphemism that the Vatican is using to stress that homosexuality is not about sex, but is rather about love. Homosexuality, in fact, is about sex.)

Baptizing homosexuals, baptizing the stolen children of homosexuals – it’s very clear that the Vatican is in the process of making it clear to the faithful that homosexuality is normal, that homosexuals have the same status as everyone else, as they prepare to open up fully. That’s just a statement of fact, as opposed to a commentary. (Anglin will take it out if he wants.)

Editor’s Note:

As stated there, E. Michael Jones has asked to talk to me after several articles we published critical of the Vatican. Probably, some of the stuff got out of line and included a lot of other issues that were not even related directly. I do want to talk to Dr. Jones before any further commentary, both out of respect for him, and because I just don’t totally even know what I’m supposed to be saying about this.

I guess the basic thing is that there are a lot of people who contact me and criticize or attack me for talking about this, and “attacking Catholics” is the opposite of my goal. However, the situation has deteriorated significantly, as the Pope has gone from simply making wild statements seemingly representing only his own views, to moving to change Church doctrine on homosexuals and women. What I see is a lot of Catholics claiming that it is impossible for the Church to do gay marriage or female priests, because God won’t allow it to happen. This is wild and confusing to me, because it is so obviously happening, and arguably, the Pope’s refusal to excommunicate the Germans who are blessing gay marriage means that it already has a kind of official approval.

I am very concerned about the larger implications of this. All of the implications. But I feel especially concerned that the people claiming this is impossible are going to have a crisis of faith when it does happen. The Illness Revelations, presumably after AI Week, are going to address the issue of denial. That is what I am seeing from various Catholics claiming that what is clearly in the process of happening cannot happen. So, I have a certain duty here. But I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, or have readers (all of whom are my personal friends) feel attacked or targeted.

It’s something I have to think about. I saw this story days ago and wasn’t even going to write about it. But Elvis wrote it up, so I might as well just say my thing.

I am sorry to any Catholics I’ve offended, and that was definitely not my intention, but hopefully you can understand where I’m coming from when I see people refusing to even look at what is happening and then claiming it won’t happen.

Furthermore, I can and will say whatever I want about anything. However, at present, I want to be as understanding as possible.