America Trying to Restrain Israel Amid Worldwide Disgust for Jewish Terrorism

America clearly doesn’t have the ability to restrain Israel.

Biden being in control is a ridiculous idea, but no one in the government who isn’t Jewish can possibly want this, and I think a lot of Jews don’t want it.

America is going to become unviable if this continues much longer, and the way the Jews are fighting this fight, it is going to continue for a long time.

The Jews are focusing their entire military operation, like their bombing campaign, on slaughtering kids. At this rate, it is going to take months for them to take the urban center of Gaza, and even then, it’s going to be extremely difficult to do at all.

The Guardian:

The Biden administration is increasingly seeking ways to restrain the Israeli military in an effort to slow the civilian toll and limit the risk of a wider conflict, while it faces a rising level of internal dissent over its Middle East policy.

In a letter presented to Biden and his cabinet on Tuesday, more than 500 political appointees and staff members from about 40 agencies across the administration criticised the extent of the president’s support for Israel in its war in Gaza.

The letter denounced the Hamas killing of 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians, on 7 October, but called on Biden to rein in Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, in which the death toll is now above 11,000, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.

“We call on President Biden to urgently demand a cease-fire; and to call for de-escalation of the current conflict by securing the immediate release of the Israeli hostages and arbitrarily detained Palestinians; the restoration of water, fuel, electricity and other basic services; and the passage of adequate humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip,” the letter said, according to New York Times.

The letter, whose signatories are anonymous, reflects mounting unease among US officials about Biden’s policy in the first weeks of the war of emphasising Israel’s right to defend itself in public, while trying to restrain its retaliation in private. The critics have argued that this approach has not been effective.

It’s been an open secret for weeks that significant dissent and frustration has permeated across the US government – driven by heightening concern around the scale of Israel’s military response in Gaza,” Charles Lister, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute. “The trigger for much of the internal dissent was Biden’s public comments – initially his zero-sum approach to the issue and then his misinformed scepticism of casualty figures in Gaza.”

More than 1,000 staffers at the US Agency for International Development (Usaid) signed an open letter calling on the administration to make better use of its leverage to limit the civilian death toll, and scores of state department staff have argued for a change in policy through the state department’s formal dissent channel, reportedly on three occasions.

The secretary of state, Antony Blinken, takes the dissent seriously, his officials say. Discussions have been encouraged at foreign missions around the world soliciting feedback.

“We’re listening: What you share is informing our policy and our messages,” Blinken said in a message to staff, in which he acknowledged: “I know that for many of you, the suffering caused by this crisis is taking a profound personal toll.”

US officials say the administration’s call for restraint, and emphasis on the need to limit the civilian death toll, has been conveyed repeatedly to Israel, and the Pentagon has been giving the Israel Defense Forces advice on how to target Hamas in Gaza while minimising “collateral damage”.

The longer this goes on, the closer the entire Moslem world becomes to popping off.

And that, my dear friends, is when shit gets really hilarious.