“Pope” Francis to Listen to “Alternative Catholic Synod” Demanding He Allow Women to be Priests

Trailer for the event

The entire traditionalist Catholic movement flips out on Andrew Anglin whenever he points out that the Catholic Church is spiraling into oblivion by claiming that the worst possible scenario we can imagine hasn’t happened yet.

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That’s the argument: “Well, it’s not actually that bad, because the worst thing we are capable of imagining hasn’t happened yet.”

In Germany, priests are blessing so-called “anal marriage.” They are going to do woman priests.

What is the worst thing imaginable? Human sacrifice at the Vatican? How bad does this have to get before it is acknowledged that the situation is out of control?

The Guardian:

They make up more than half its membership, they have been denied a say for centuries in the way it is run: but, early next month, women will gather in Rome for a process that they hope can bring the Catholic church’s thinking on female equality into the 21st century.

The central event is a mass listening exercise announced by Pope Francis in 2021, the synod on synodality. Its delegates will meet in Rome throughout October to discern the future direction of key issues in the church; and at the forefront of soundings already taken across the 1.3 billion-strong Catholic church across the globe has been the role of women.

So, the Pope is meeting with these people.

Right now, all of the German Churches doing so-called “fister marriage” are not being excommunicated (even though according to the rules of the Church, they are already excommunicated by doing the thing they did).

I don’t know that woman priests are somehow worse than doing gay anal “marriage.” It’s impossible to say which is worse, as they are both “the worst thing imaginable.” It’s just that one thing is already happening in some Catholic churches and the other is not.

To underline this clamour for change, a consortium of 45 pro-reform Catholic organisations will run their own synod – entitled Spirit Unbounded – alongside the official event: and former Irish president Mary McAleese, who will be among its keynote speakers, says it is crunch time for Francis and his cardinals and bishops. “They have to do something more than a cynical exercise in kicking the can down the road,” she says. “If the cardinals and bishops can be humbled into listening to the people of God, maybe the Holy Spirit will have a chance to bring about change.”

There’s definitely a spirit at work here. But it’s not the Holy Spirit.

To be clear: homosexuals and loose women are encircled by demons.

If not, she says, it is hard to see a way forward in a church that has shedded members – certainly in Europe and the west – and been ravaged by abuse scandals, financial misconduct and a dearth of men signing up to become priests.

“The scandals show up the craven stupidity of so many of the members of the magisterium,” says McAleese, who was president of Ireland – a country that bore the brunt of Catholic abuse scandals – from 1997 to 2011. “And, of course, there have always been examples of appalling teaching: but we are in a different generation now, with a highly educated laity who are more than capable of critiquing church teaching,”

This is just open revolution, and this dried-up old prune should be excommunicated obviously, and furthermore, put in prison.

Mary McAleese is in charge now because she is the boss

Tony Blair’s wife will be speaking at the event

Right now, you can be excommunicated for ordaining a woman priest, according to the rules Pope Francis set himself. He actually added that. Why would he add that, when it was already assumed that this would obviously be the case, unless he wanted it directly challenged?

Women in particular, she says, are being “driven away”: “They’re seen as second class and they won’t put up with it any more.”

Also addressing the alternative synod will be Cherie Blair, who will tell participants that “the church’s track record on women is at best mixed”, but that it needs to change and should not be afraid to change. “There remains a strong sense that the church does not do enough for women, that its structures and teaching on matters such as birth control and its priorities do not always serve women well,” she says in a pre-recorded video message.

Tony Blair’s wife is Catholic, by the way. I just looked it up. She has an Irish Catholic grandmother who raised her after daddy left and mommy was very busy.

I wonder why she has all this animosity towards men though???

For many, top of the change agenda is female ordination: admitting women first as deacons, and in time as priests. Miriam Duignan of Women’s Ordination Worldwide, one of the organisations taking part in Spirit Unbounded, is expecting hundreds of pro-ordination supporters for a march in central Rome on 6 October, as the synod on synodality gets under way.

Not negotiable

Her organisation is also planning some “surprise” events, she says. “In almost every parish in the world where synod discussions took place, from Lesotho to the Philippines to Peru, women were talked about as an area where change is needed,” she says. “The Catholic church doesn’t have enough priests, and yet everyone knows nuns and laywomen who are already doing 90% of the work in the parishes – then they have to stand aside when a priest is needed to say mass.”

She adds. “Right now we’re at a tipping point: it’s clear that women are doing the work of priesthood, and they want to be recognised as priests.”

Yes. That’s true. Women have already been given all this power in the church, something explicitly banned by God. So it is really almost just a procedural matter to make them deacons and then priests.

It’s not the responsibility of individual Catholics to figure out a solution to this. However, individuals shouldn’t be defending it, or living in some fantasy world where it isn’t happening.

Francis’s language banning women from becoming priests was set to create a compromise where they become deacons. It’s it’s not actually a compromise, but a step towards the goal of woman priests and eventually a church totally run by women, which no one even cares about.

It’s important to remember that no one really believes in any of this gibberish. Gays are not actually Christians, uppity women do not believe in God. This is about destroying Christianity.