Soldier’s Mexican Wife Pours Bleach Into Husband’s Coffee

I know it’s tempting, but don’t get a Mexican wife (unless she’s light-skinned and basically white – maybe that’s okay).

They get really fat and they nag worse than white women.

They will also come up with the stupidest possible ways to kill you during your divorce, paying no mind to the fact that they are on camera.

New York Post:

Disturbing footage shows the wife of a US Air Force airman allegedly pouring bleach into the family coffee maker multiple times in an attempt to kill her husband as they went through a divorce.

Melody Felicano Johnson, 39, was charged in August by police in Tucson, Arizona, with attempted murder for allegedly lacing her husband Roby Johnson’s coffee with a chemical while the pair lived at his duty station in Germany and in Arizona.

Multiple hidden camera videos were recorded by the would-be victim and obtained by Law & Crime Wednesday showing Johnson allegedly pouring the toxic substance into the machine.

“Boom,” Roby says in a self-recorded video after pulling out a testing strip from the family coffee maker that came out purple for being positive for chlorinated water.

The couple — who have children together — was in the midst of a divorce when Roby began noticing his coffee tasted off for about two weeks while in Germany in March.

“He stated she knew that he would prep his coffee pot to be ready at night so that in the morning he just needed to turn it on to make his coffee,” court documents show. “At that time he stopped drinking the coffee but continued to pretend to drink.”


Roby, believing his wife was trying to poison him since they were in Germany, opted to gather evidence and wait till they returned to the US before sharing the chilling findings with law enforcement, according to court documents.

Roby believes she tried to poison him to collect benefits, according to court documents.

Johnson remains at the Pima County Jail on a $250,000 bond and was charged with attempted homicide, attempted aggravated assault and adding poison to food/drink, online records show.

The fact that she was doing the poisoning on a military base in a foreign country is probably going to make the charges much worse.

But… women don’t really ever face heavy prison sentences for anything, so the court will probably just forgive her and say she only did it because she was very stressed and anyway, her husband is evil somehow.

Melody Felicano Johnson, 39