Watch: Brutish Entrepreneurs Acquire $50K of Merchandise from California Store

These smash-n-grabs seem to be getting more and more profitable every time.

Either that, or the stores have just started reporting higher losses because no one is bothering to check. I wouldn’t blame them. This is a time of total lawlessness, and whites aren’t going to get in on the looting, so they might as well get some on some insurance fraud.

New York Post:

A group of masked thieves in California pushed past a security guard and stole $50,000 worth of merchandise from a Gucci store last week, police said Tuesday.

Reserve officers with the San Jose Police Department were working a second job at the Valley Fair Mall on Oct. 5, when they responded to an organized retail theft at the luxury retail store, authorities said.

The group of thieves overpowered a security guard standing by the front door and stole purses and other items before fleeing, police said.

The heist took less than a minute, according to store security footage.

A reserve officer detained one of the suspects, Shawn Pruitt, a Henderson, Nevada, resident. Pruitt, 27, allegedly resisted and allegedly attacked the officer by throwing several punches.

A mall security guard assisted the officer and Pruitt was taken into custody after a brief struggle, police said.


Shawn Pruitt

Someone was detained!

Gentlemen, this calls for a toast!

No, no – not you!


That’s what I meant.

This is a “reserve officer.” I don’t know what that means. I think it means an off-duty officer working security.

I didn’t know that officers were willing to tackle brutes. I thought they were afraid of being send to prison forever because maybe that nigga took some strong pills and he can’t breef.

First time for everything, I guess.