Prosecutors Drop Rape Hoax Witch Hunt Against Rammstein Singer After 3 Months – No Evidence!

Previously: Rammstein Singer Being Metoo’d by Mostly Anonymous Whores

This is what I wrote on June 15th about rape accusations against Till Lindemann:

All of this metoo shit is fake, in that it is all based around stupid “consent” gibberish, rather than what we now call “classic rape.” However, in this case, I would guess that it’s being made up whole cloth.

As it happens, the Berlin court has concurred with this.

The Guardian:

Investigations into alleged sexual assaults by Till Lindemann, frontman with German metal superstars Rammstein, have been dropped by prosecutors.

Berlin state prosecutors said investigations, which began in June, “did not provide any evidence”, and that they were unable to substantiate allegations as law enforcement agencies had not received direct testimony from the accusers.


If law enforcement never received testimony, then why were prosecutors investigating it?

Does the German legal system typically investigate people for crimes as a result of rumors?

Lawyers for Lindemann said: “The rapid termination of investigative proceedings by the Berlin state prosecutor’s office shows that there is insufficient evidence that our client allegedly committed sexual offences.”

In May, a Northern Irish Rammstein fan, Shelby Lynn, alleged that she was “groomed for sex” with Lindemann by being selected to meet him at a backstage area at a concert in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he allegedly reacted angrily when she refused to have sex with him. She also claimed her drink was spiked at a pre-concert party.

Lithuanian police did not pursue the complaint after she reported it. The band denied her claim, writing: “With regard to the allegations circulating on the internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment.”

The allegations led to a number of other women reporting a system allegedly employed by Lindemann to recruit fans for sex, prompting Berlin prosecutors to open an investigation “over allegations relating to sexual offences and the distribution of drugs”.

Well, that answers the question: yes, the German police investigate rumors.

At least, they investigate rumors about masculine German men who the Jews have been calling “Nazis” for 30 years simply because they are handsome Germans that look cool and the Nazis were also handsome Germans that looked cool.

Honestly, I thought this would get a little bit further along at least.

Of course, these allegations existing at all – even if they were quashed inside of a few months – will taint this man for the rest of his life, and taint his personal legacy for as long as this feminist ideology is in power.

It currently makes up 2/3rds of the “personal life” section of his Wikipedia page.

That pattern will hold indefinitely until something about this society changes.

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I made some various comments about Lindemann in my last article on this topic. I just went and read it and it’s good. I won’t repeat it all here, because you can click that link at the top and I’m in a rush to finish this other thing I was working on all morning.

But Lindemann has always been a sad case to me. He was from East Germany, so was only introduced to the West when the wall came down. He was strikingly handsome, and I’m sure relatively talented as a creative (it’s not really my thing, but I assume that for pop metal, it must be pretty good, because Rammstein is one of the only foreign language bands I remember breaking through in America in my lifetime). He was masculine, always fit, and seemed to posses a genuine sort of patriotism. All of these qualities helped him make tens of millions of dollars, but he wasn’t ever really allowed to enjoy it, as the band’s international success was marked by constant, degrading accusations of Nazism.

Germans just aren’t allowed to be handsome and cool. That’s Nazism.

It’s a problem for the entire global Jewish media if you look like this:

That facial structure is itself considered a form of anti-Semitism. If you add the German language (or heavily accented English), a fashion sense, masculinity, and so on, then you are a Nazi, even if you never said anything about the Nazis.

Which I suspect is why, in more recent times as an old man who’s more or less just on tour to get paid, Lindemann has taken to doing a kind of Marilyn Manson gimmick.

It’s sad, I think. It feels like in late middle age – he’s 60 now and he’s been doing this clown costume thing for a decade or so – he’s been effectively stripped of his dignity, something he refused to surrender for a long time. (People are going to say “he always wore makeup and edgy outfits though!” – that’s true, but anyone who’s followed the band knows the style changed significantly, from expressing masculinity to a kind of homosexual thing – in 2019, he was kissing a man on stage as part of the show. Moreover, one would typically tone this sort of thing down as they aged, but as he has aged, the Jews have gotten much more aggressive about this “Holocaust” stuff.)

It seems like he grew up on the Eastern side, where the Russians (whatever you want to say about them) let Germans keep their dignity, and then slowly but surely, over the course of his life, his dignity was beaten out of him.

I guess to me, this represents all of Germany, and Germany’s humiliation is just the most aggressive and extreme form of anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian ritual humiliation.

We say in America that “racist” is just a slur against white people. “Nazi” is similarly a slur against Germans. The difference is, Germans have undergone the better part of a century’s worth of ritual racial humiliation by the whole world because they lost a war, whereas this whole “racism” hoax really only began in earnest in America over the last 10 years.