Putin’s Big Russian Interview is Way More Hardcore Than His Tucker Interview

Full interview (English dub)

I wrote a long thing based on some of these comments earlier, but I think it’s important to see all of the top comments Putin made in his recent big interview with Dmitry Kiselyov, the head of Rossiya Segodnya, which was released before the upcoming election.

Although I am big on the Tucker interview, I kinda wish it would have went in directions more like this. This is stuff that resonates with conservative Americans.

It’s so insane to compare this guy to Joe Biden. Just thinking about it makes you feel like you’re on acid.


Western ‘vampire ball’ is ending

Non-Western nations are striving for sovereignty and are watching with interest as Russia confronts the US and its allies, Putin stated.

Western elites have been “tearing to pieces [the] poor peoples of Africa” and have exploited Latin America and Asia for 500 years, he claimed, adding that the West remains desperate to protect its unfair advantage.

“For centuries, they got used to stuffing their stomachs with human flesh and their pockets with money. But they must realize that this ‘ball of vampires’ is coming to an end.”

Hawkish recent rhetoric by French President Emmanual Macron may have been an emotional outburst after his country retreated from its former colonial domains in Africa, Putin suggested. Paris has accused Moscow of undermining it, although Putin insisted that Russia “did not squeeze anyone out” of the continent.

Russia didn’t squeeze anything.

You could instead describe it as popping a pus-filled zit.

French occupation was an infection in Africa, and in fact, it was largely responsible for the large population transfer of Africans into Europe.

No ‘red lines’

Macron has argued that the West should have no “red lines” when it comes to confronting Russia, although Moscow will respond accordingly to any nations that adopt this policy, Putin warned. Such rhetoric, however, is merely down to politicians “fantasizing and riling themselves up,” he suggested.

Well, especially with Macron, it is embarrassingly contrived.

Putin also claimed that sending Western troops to aid Kiev would threaten Ukraine’s statehood. Poland specifically bears a grudge over lands lost to the USSR after World War II, the Russian leader argued, meaning that if Warsaw deployed military forces to Ukraine, they “wouldn’t leave.”

I’ve argued, as have several Russians, that Russia should offer western Ukraine to Poland in exchange for leaving NATO and developing a neutral stance on Russia.

Ukrainians have never ruled themselves. They need someone to nanny them. Russia doesn’t want Galicia, and they have the ability to give it to Poland.

That might sound fanciful, but it’s actually not. Not really.

Moscow remains committed to peace with Ukraine, but won’t settle based on Kiev’s “drug-fueled wish list,” Putin stressed. Russian security must be guaranteed in a way that bridges the gap in trust created by the West’s broken promises, he added.

Kiev ‘slaughtering its own troops for PR’

Ukraine’s lack of frontline victories is pushing its government into reckless actions that have no military value, Putin argued, citing Kiev’s attempt to establish a foothold east of the Dnieper River.

They were sending their people into the meat grinder. Soldiers were literally barefoot recently [due to supply problems],” the president claimed.

Moscow believes Kiev is sacrificing men in the hope of concealing its desperate situation and obtaining more Western aid.

That’s clear.

But I’ve also become interested in the idea that the Kiev regime is purposefully trying to eliminate the entire population of the country in order to free up the space for some other purpose. By some estimates, if we include people who fled (who are not planning on coming back) and people who died, the Ukraine’s population is less than half of what it was in February, 2022.

Russia ready for nuclear warThe US sending a significant military force into Ukraine would be a “red line” for Russia, Putin stated, adding that he believes this scenario to be implausible.

“For us [the Ukraine conflict] is a matter of life and death; for them it’s a matter of improving their tactical position [globally and in Europe],” the president said.

Yeah, there are some sayings about “men with nothing to lose” that come to mind.

Putin insisted that Russia is ready if the US tries to “play chicken.” Moscow is prepared to use nuclear weapons and considers its arsenal “more advanced than anyone else’s,” he warned.

Washington has enough experts in strategic deterrence, including President Joe Biden, to avoid a nuclear conflagration, the Russian leader suggested – but he added that if the US abandons its de facto moratorium on nuclear tests, Moscow will do the same.

Well, General Petraeus said it wouldn’t be a big deal if Russia used a nuke.

I think Milley, as kooky as he was, had a realistic view on this, but he’s gone. I don’t think Blinken and Sullivan understand much of anything at all.

Putin is right that there are people who understand the issue, but is there anyone in power who would listen to them?

US military bases ‘a black hole of corruption’The Russian arms sector needs to “get the most bang for every ruble invested,” Putin insisted, stressing that the country is not the USSR, which failed to keep track of defense spending.

The US military is an example of mammoth spending undermined by poor efficiency, according to the Russian leader.

Russia’s development of the Avangard nuclear-capable hypersonic glider was a good investment because it “nullified” the US national anti-ballistic missile system, Putin argued.

Trump accused Putin of favoring ‘Sleepy Joe’Kiselyov asked whether Putin actually preferred Joe Biden to Donald Trump in the US presidential race, or whether he was “trolling” the Americans when he named his favorite last month.

Putin revealed that when Trump was in office, the Republican had accused the Russian leader of favoring his Democratic rival.

“He said verbatim: ‘Do you want ‘Sleepy Joe’ to win?’”

If I were Putin, I would have preferred Trump in 2016, but after that experience, and given the current situation, I think I’d prefer Biden.

There’s no evidence Trump is the peace candidate. He’s pushing for endless slaughter in Gaza, and he has said recently that we should send the Ukraine money, it should just be “loans” (that they are not expected to ever pay back, and obviously never could) instead of “aid.”

Trump would be better at convincing competent white men to go fight in whichever different wars. His supporters would mostly support it, because MAGA has become a personality cult. No one is even asking why that wall never got built.

I’m just going to vote for Putin. There is nothing in the US Constitution that says the US president cannot also be the president of Russia.