Racist Swedish Police Condemn Oppressed Young Victims of Hate for Joining Murder Gangs

Maybe if there weren’t so many old white men in the Swedish government, New Swedes wouldn’t feel a need to join murder gangs? Did you ever imagine that they kill because of racism? No, I don’t imagine you did. You were too busy judging them.

Swedes would never consider the fact that if the circumstances were reversed, and they were forced to flee to Somalia because their government collapsed by no fault of their own, it would be Swedish children joining murder gangs.

Actually, no, that wouldn’t be happening, because if millions of Swedes went to Somalia, Somalians would be doing everything in their power to make the Swedes feel comfortable and happy, instead of hurling racist abuse at them around every corner.


Children in Sweden are now looking for work from gangs as hit-men, the country’s police chief, Anders Thornberg, told reporters on Friday. He made the comments following a wave of deadly violence not seen in four years. 

Explosions and gunfire have become commonplace even in upscale communities, Thornberg lamented, revealing that there had been 12 killings just this month and three in the 24 hours immediately prior to his press conference.

Last year saw 60 people shot to death in Sweden –a record likely to be broken this year.

Oh, and I’m sure it is the fault of the people doing these bombings and murders, right?

Nothing to do with a racist system of white supremacy systemically designed to systematically promote a racist system of systemic privilege for those who fit the arbitrary definition of “true Swede.”

Children who end up in gangs receive weapons and even the desired address for the murder to take place from the “ruthless” gangs controlling the underworld. As a result, the number of children under age 18 held in custody by Swedish authorities nearly quintupled between August 2021 and last month.

Senior police officer Mats Lindstrom confirmed Thornberg’s claims about young people writing to their favorite gangs looking for contract-killer jobs. Often, the victims of such child-perpetrated murders are very young as well.

Thornberg described the metastasizing violence in the country as “unprecedented,” insisting it has no equivalent anywhere else in Europe – or in Swedish history.

I guess he forgot about slavery, or maybe the Crusades or something, when the Swedes systematically engaged in a systemic genocide against black bodies.

He also conveniently forgets to mention the Swedish role in the Holocaust.

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson took the unusual (for Sweden) step of calling in the military to help overwhelmed police forces “hunt down” and defeat the gangs, in a televised speech earlier this week. “Sweden has never seen anything like this. No other country in Europe is seeing anything like this,” he said, echoing the police chief’s words.

“Swedish laws aren’t designed for gang wars and child soldiers.”

Oh, gee, really?

It sounds like you invented an entire legal system to defend and assist white supremacy, and now you’re shocked – shocked I say – to find that this system doesn’t work for minorities.

He might as well be saying “Sweden’s hair salons aren’t designed for people with coarse hair.”

System has a system totally built for whites, and they are so filled with hatred, they are unwilling to make the changes necessary to allow for equity in the system.

Did the Swedish ever even imagine that so many New Swedes are joining gangs because of the racism they’ve suffered at the hands of one of the most hateful nations on Earth?

No, I guess that would never cross the mind of a Swede. He is too busy worshiping his own superiority and going on Crusades to convert Moosleems to his white supremacist Christian doctrine of slavery and oppression.