EU Agrees to Distribute Infinity Migrants Among Member States

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You gotta have ’em.

Diversity is what keeps the gears turning, folks.

It’s the lifeblood of our democracy.

The Guardian:

The EU has reached a historic agreement on how member states will deal with a sudden increase in the number of people seeking asylum in the event of war, natural disaster or climate emergency.

The new rules will allow frontline states to fast-track asylum applications and move people swiftly to other countries in Europe, avoiding a repeat of 2015 when 1 million refugees came to the EU from Syria and beyond, and some countries accepted far more than others.

The pact was sealed early on Wednesday morning, ending three years of arguments between member states just before 27 EU leaders gather in the Spanish city of Granada on Friday.

It is understood Poland and Hungary voted against the deal, while Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia abstained. The new law must still be passed by the European parliament.

The main aim of the deal was to share the burden of migration across the entire EU, with frontline states “able to request solidarity and support measures from the EU and its member states”, said Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gómez, the acting Spanish minister for home affairs.

There will also be an accelerated registration process for asylum seekers in a crisis situation, giving member states just four weeks to do the initial paperwork before asking other countries to accommodate people.

Good luck, guys.

As an American, I can tell you: this is a really good idea.