UK: Six People Arrested After Protests at Hotel Housing Invaders

Were they really starting fires?

I don’t even know if I believe that.

If it’s true… well, whatever.

People do seem to be reaching their limit with regards to all of these things that are being forced on them by democracy values.

People want to be left alone, but democracy be like “nuh-uh.”


Six people have been arrested after two fires broke out during protests at a hotel earmarked for asylum seekers.

Large groups of people gathered outside the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, over the weekend and gained access by pushing down security fences.

Dyfed-Powys Police described the scenes as “another concerning escalation in behaviour”.

Police said further arrests were expected.

The Home Office plans to use the hotel to house up to 240 asylum seekers, the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) has said.

Supt Ross Evans said police always tried balance people’s right to protest peacefully with the rights of others and with preventing crime and disorder.

“However, the behaviour of some individuals has gone far beyond this over the past few days,” he said.

Police said officers put out a vehicle fire in the hotel grounds late on Saturday, 30 September. A 48-year-old man from Caerphilly, and two women, aged 53 and 52, from Cleveland and Peterborough, were arrested on suspicion of arson and other offences.


Women arsonists???

The statement said a planned “drive-by” on Sunday, 1 October at the hotel resulted in several motorcyclists forcing their way through the main entrance, despite officers standing in their way.

The court says democracy says it’s gotta happen

A large number of protesters then pushed over security fences and forced their way into the hotel grounds, where some caused damage to the hotel by smashing windows.

On Sunday night a fire was reported in a stairwell at the hotel.

At the same time, said police, fireworks and other missiles were fired towards officers while vehicles were moved in an attempt to block access for the Mid and West Wales Fire Service. The fire was extinguished.

If I had to guess, I would guess that there was violence on all sides (protesters, invaders, police), but that all resulting damage was blamed on protesters.

There is some video of the fires (above), but no videos of them starting them, and of course police would cover up violence by invaders. Police themselves regularly do heavy property damage, just because they are both cowardly and moronic and they get scared very easily and flip out.

The invaders are even stupider than the cops, and could easily believe that cops outside the building are planning to attack them, and therefore begin attacking the cops. Fire-starting is more of an invader thing than a whites-against-immigration thing.

If the whites did start fires… well. Whatever.

Maybe the UK government should lighten up a bit on the democracy.

Long video from one of the protests