Republican Who Lied About Being Jewish Flashes White Power Symbol, Gets Sworn Into Congress

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It’s hilarious he stood next to Gaetz.

I love George Santos.

New York Post:

Disgraced New York Republican George Santos, who’s facing at least three criminal investigations, was sworn into Congress early Saturday morning.

Santos stood next to Reps. Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert with his right hand raised and pledged to uphold the Constitution along with other members of the 118th Congress as they were sworn in by newly-elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Republican gridlock over the selection of a House speaker delayed the Queens and Long Island representative’s swearing-in for several days.

It’s unclear when Santos will pose for his ceremonial photo individually with Speaker McCarthy, as is customary following the official swearing-in.

Now that Santos is officially New York’s 3rd Congressional District representative, House members hold the power to kick him out of his seat.

The House can remove Santos by a two-thirds vote.

Federal prosecutors in the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York are reportedly probing the finances of the fibbing congressman, who’s facing questions over the origins of his mysterious wealth.

He’s a great man, and a hero of the people.

Tulsi Gabbard is disgusting and it is disgusting that Tucker Carlson put her in control of his show.

New York Post:

As if George Santos hadn’t been dealing with enough scrutiny, the congressman-elect appeared to flash a white power symbol in the House Chambers Thursday.

The Long Island liar unfolded his arms to reveal his left hand making a sideways “OK gesture,” a symbol co-opted by white supremacists, while casting his 10th vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for House Speaker.

White supremacists began using the “OK” hand gesture in 2017, but the gesture was officially added to the Anti-Defamation League’s database of symbols used by hate groups in 2019.

The three fingers and circle made by the pointer and thumb represented “W” and “P,” respectively, for “white power.”

The gesture gained notability as a hate symbol after New Zealand white supremacist and mass shooter Brenton Tarrant flashed the symbol in court.

Lying about being Jewish to gain political power is the funniest and best idea ever.

I’ve been telling people to do this for years.

What do you have to lose? Tell everyone you’re Jewish and seize public office.

Say your grandma got thrown in the cage with the bear and the eagle and your grandad died when the Aryans forced him to climb a tree and pretend to be a rooster and then cut down the tree. Say they were both turned into lamps.

You know the old saying: “if they think you’re a Jew, you can’t lose!”

Jews constantly go around claiming to be white!