Return of the King: Zelensky is Aragorn from LOTR, Hoholistan May Become a Monarchy

Alexi Arestovich is the top advisor to Zelensky. He was a theater guy who was brought in as part of Zelensky’s core crew of performing artists.

He’s a drug addict.

I guess comparing the country to Lord of the Rings is better than comparing it to Star Wars?


Ukraine could become a monarchy in a bid to defeat Russia, a senior aide to President Vladimir Zelensky has suggested, likening the situation in Kiev to J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic trilogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Alexey Arestovich referred in particular to the final installment of the masterpiece, ‘The Return of the King’.

If we are in the Lord of the Rings script… a return of the king must happen, that is, Aragorn. Is Ukraine ready for a monarchy?” he asked during an interview with Ukrainian musician Oleg Skripka on Sunday.

“And I’ll tell you, if you think rationally, the only way to kill everything that is coming at us from Moscow is to declare a monarchy,” he added. However, Zelensky’s aide did not clarify who might become the country’s new sovereign.

Arestovich claimed a monarchy would also enable Ukraine to start “collecting the lands” that had belonged to the Rurik dynasty that ruled Kievan Rus from the 9th century.

That would mean invading Russia, where the kings of Kievan Rus moved hundreds of years ago (Ukrainians are field peasants and Jews, not the heirs to that throne, but whatever).

After the collapse of Kievan Rus four centuries later, the Ruriks ruled the Grand Duchy of Moscow, greatly expanding its territory and eventually transforming it into the Tsardom of Russia.

In support of his argument, he noted that the United Kingdom is also a monarchy. “Not the worst country in the world, is it?” he added.

Just consider this thought even outside the scope of this interview and look for the benefits of the return of the king,” Arestovich said.

Following these Lord of the Rings statements, Andrew Anglin did a Twitter threat about Arestovich, collecting some of his greatest hits.

This is really a circus show.