Russia Asks How Much Scholz Controls the Situation After Leaked Recording Confirmed Real

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Maybe the most important revelation that Putin is providing to the West is that in a democracy, the elected leaders do not make decisions.

In this current situation, we don’t even have any idea who is making the decisions. I believe Putin when he says even he doesn’t know.


The Kremlin said on Monday a purported recording of German military discussions showed Germany’s armed forces were discussing plans to launch strikes on Russian territory, and questioned whether Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in control of the situation.

Russian media last week published an audio recording of what they said was a meeting of senior German military officials discussing weapons for Ukraine and a potential strike by Kyiv on a bridge in Crimea, prompting Russian officials to demand an explanation.

“The recording itself says that within the Bundeswehr, plans to launch strikes on Russian territory are being discussed substantively and concretely. This does not require any legal interpretation. Everything here is more than obvious,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Yeah, it definitely creates a situation where it is difficult for the German government to explain what the hell they are doing.

“Here we have to find out whether the Bundeswehr is doing this on its own initiative. Then the question is: how controllable is the Bundeswehr and how much does Scholz control the situation? Or is it part of German government policy?” Peskov said.

He said both scenarios were “very bad. Both once again emphasise the direct involvement of the countries of the collective West in the conflict around Ukraine.”

Presumably, all of Germany’s decisions are coming from Washington, and I assume Scholz is only minimally aware of these decisions.

That’s simple enough.

But who in Washington is making the decisions? Is it just Blinken, Sullivan, and Nuland? Those three just decide everything? Except with the Middle East, where they can be completely vetoed by Bibi?

Is that actually what is happening?

Literally no one knows.

Along with being a tyrannical system, where popular opinion has zero bearing on public policy, a democracy is also a black box, where no process is transparent. The idea that no one even knows who is running all of these Western countries is simply bizarre.

We know who runs Russia and China. We know who runs Cuba and Venezuela.

It’s astonishing that so many people support democracy while knowing that it means they have zero ability to influence government policy. However, the idea that you would support a system which has so little respect for you that it doesn’t even allow you to know who is running it is beyond the pale.

Democracy must be abolished. It is not sustainable for people to have no freedom at all while they are ruled over by secret masters whose agenda they are not allowed to even question, let alone attempt to understand.