Poland: Farmer Protester Violence Escalates Quickly, Police Prevent Entrance to Parliament

This is not just the standard European protest about the global warmers’ plan to shut down all farming in Europe.

The Poles are also protesting the Ukraine pushing food into their country and disrupting the market. And one has to imagine, even if it’s not being stated in the English media, that a lot of the people are protesting the millions of Ukrainian refugees in their country, who are Ukrainizing them.

This is one to watch.

Especially given that the violence is escalating.

Fighting the cops is generally pointless, but there’s a point at which “fighting the cops” turns into “raiding police station weapons depots” and “storming government buildings.” And that is the point at which a protest becomes interesting.

These Poles are already trying to get into the Parliament, so that means the next step is the cops using live rounds to keep them out. That doesn’t usually work, by the way. Usually, shooting protesters just makes the mob much angrier.

Fox News:

Poland saw its most violent protest by farmers and supporters yet Wednesday as some participants threw stones at police and tried to push through barriers around parliament, injuring several officers, police said.

Police said they detained over a dozen people and prevented the protesters from getting through to the Sejm, the Polish parliament.

Farmers are angry over European Union climate policies and food imports from Ukraine that they say threaten their livelihoods. Such protests have occurred across the 27-member EU in recent weeks, but this one was decidedly angrier than earlier demonstrations in the central European nation.

The Poles have a lot of reasons to be angry.

Aside from the above mentioned issues, the speed at which America has dragged them down from “conservative Catholic country” to “anal ram zone” is astonishing. It’s actually faster than what happened in Ireland.

Police noted on the social media platform X that its officers “are not a party to the ongoing dispute” and warned that behavior threatening their safety “cannot be taken lightly and requires a firm and decisive response.”

The deputy agriculture minister, Michał Kołodziejczak, said he didn’t believe that “real, normal farmers caused a riot in front of the Sejm today,” and that it was necessary to isolate “provocateurs and troublemakers.”

He did not say who he thought was behind the violence.

Well, whoever they were, there sure were a lot of them.

And they were really mad.

You love to see it.

(Honestly, you can be almost certain that some significant percentage of the mob was Ukrainians who were just bored. I don’t think people understand that Ukrainians are niggers.)

Farmers on tractors blocked highways leading into Warsaw while thousands of their supporters gathered in front of the prime minister’s office before marching to the parliament. Some trampled a European Union flag and burned a mock coffin bearing the word “farmer.”

Farmers were joined by miners, foresters, hunters and other supporters. They blew horns and set off firecrackers and smoke bombs, despite police warnings that the use of pyrotechnics was banned. Some protesters burned tires.

The protesters are demanding a withdrawal from the EU’s Green Deal, a plan meant to fight climate change and protect biodiversity, including with plans requiring farmers to reduce the excessive use of polluting chemicals to boost their crops.

The protests have led politicians to water down some provisions.

The protesters also want the Polish-Ukrainian border closed to stop the imports of Ukrainian food products, which farmers say drive down market prices and put Poland’s agricultural sector in jeopardy.

Anti-Ukrainian slogans have featured at the protests in Poland, where authorities have said they are concerned that Russia is trying to leverage legitimate concerns to create divisions between Warsaw and Kyiv.

There are probably over 10 million Ukrainians in Poland, or more than 20% of the population. There are large cities in the south that are now a majority Ukrainian. Ukrainian migrants behave about as well Venezuelan migrants.

This is beyond a “legitimate concern,” it’s an existential crisis.

The Polish government are the biggest supporters of the Ukraine, and believe the most important thing in the universe is destroying Russia by any means necessary.

Most Poles appear to be realizing that there are more important things in life than revenge for stuff Stalin allegedly did 100 years ago.