Russia Demands the Ukraine Extradite Terror Suspects, Including Head of Kiev Spy Organization

This is very serious.

Russia would not make this kind of announcement if they were not going to follow through and start really killing top Ukraine officials.

They don’t think the Ukraine is actually going to surrender these people, so this is a warning of what is to come.


Moscow has demanded that Ukraine surrender everyone in the country it suspects of terrorism, as well as immediately stop supporting any related activities, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday.

The ministry said it had officially contacted Kiev with the demands under the UN-adopted International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings and International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism. The demands include the “immediate arrest and extradition” of all the suspects which Moscow has identified and linked to the recent terrorist attack against Russia.

The deadly attack on the Crocus City Hall, which “shocked the whole world is, by far, not the first terrorist attack endured by our country recently,” the ministry noted.

”The investigations carried out by the competent Russian bodies indicate that the traces of all these crimes lead to Ukraine,” it stressed.

Apart from the concert hall attack, which left at least 144 people dead and more than 500 injured, the ministry cited such incidents as the assassination of the military blogger Maksim Fomin (best known by his pen name Vladlen Tatarsky), the deadly bombing of the Crimean Bridge, as well as recent cross-border raids into Belgorod Region and elsewhere which have been attributed by Kiev to the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK). The paramilitary unit, advertised as composed of Russians collaborating with Ukraine, has been designated as a terrorist entity by Moscow.

The ministry did not reveal any of the names of those it has demanded due to their suspected involvement, aside from the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Vasily Malyuk. The spy boss “cynically admitted on March 25 that Ukraine organized the bombing of the Crimean Bridge in October 2022 and revealed details on the organization of other terrorist attacks in Russia,” it noted.

Failing to meet Russia’s demands will constitute a breach of Ukraine’s international obligations with respect to fighting terrorism and “entail its international legal responsibility,” the ministry warned.

This is what everyone has been waiting for: for Russia to take the gloves off and finally start finishing off these Ukraine people.

Russia is in the position, come spring, to move forward and really wipe the Ukraine forces out. If they are also targeting the leadership of the country with missiles, this will happen very quickly.