Russia Officially Adds “LGBT Movement” to Terrorist and Extremist Organizations List

Homosexuals are literally terrorists.

Everyone knows.


Russia has added what it calls the “LGBT movement” to a list of extremist and terrorist organisations, state media said on Friday.

The move was in line with a ruling by Russia’s Supreme Court last November that LGBT activists should be designated as extremists, a move that representatives of gay and transgender people said they feared would lead to arrests and prosecutions.

The new listing refers to the “international LGBT social movement and its structural units”, state news agency RIA said.

Now they need to do “feminism,” which is also an international terrorist organization.

China had already banned gays, and now they’re going after sluts, so it’s sort of levels of rot that you have to clean away. Gays are more obviously extreme than women, so you get rid of them then you go after women.

Of course, you can’t actually stop people from being gay, it’s just that it should be a secretive personal matter. It’s the same thing with women being whores. What happened in the West is that they took homosexual and slut behavior (both of which appear to have always existed, at least since the dawn of civilization) and institutionalized them as ideological and political movements aimed at destroying traditional society.

These related ideologies of homosexualism and feminism are the backbone of the global Western domination movement that has developed since the end of the Cold War. There had to be some reason that people would want to be against their own governments and support US interests, and these ideologies provide that reason.

It’s not much different than a violent terrorist group, as it has the explicit goal of undermining society.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.