Sad Atrocity! Belarus Rejects Refugees from Middle East, Forces Them to Go to the Ukraine

If you can understand Russian, Lukashenko is as funny as Trump.

But unlike Trump, who surrounded himself with Jew-lovers and leftist shills who hated him, Lukashenko actually takes drastic actions, like sending fighter jets to force an emergency landing of a commercial airline so he can arrest a fag who talked shit about him on Telegram.

Or like flying in a shitton of bloodsuckers from the Middle East by promising them free access to German welfare and them forcing them across the Polish border. And then when Poland successfully repels the horde, and Ursula von der Leyen explicitly states that refugees are in fact not our greatest strength, he tells them they have to immediately leave for an actual war zone.

The Guardian:

Belarusian armed forces are pushing asylum seekers from the Middle East who became trapped in the country after they were promised passage to the EU to cross the border into war-torn Ukraine, according to the testimony of people in Belarusian camps.

Dozens of asylum seekers stuck for months in a makeshift dormitory in Bruzgi, a village in Belarus less than a mile from the Polish border, were ordered by a group of Belarusian soldiers on 5 March to leave the building at gunpoint and given two options: crossing the border into Poland, where guards have beaten them back, or entering Ukraine, one of them said.

“A group of seven border guard officers that we had never seen before entered the building,” said a man who arrived in Belarus last autumn, and whose name and nationality cannot be disclosed for security reasons.

“They wore military clothes and, for the first time, they entered the camp holding weapons, beating us and telling us that we had two choices – either crossing into Poland or going to Ukraine.”

The EU last autumn accused Belarus’s leader, Alexander Lukashenko, of deliberately provoking a refugee crisis on its eastern frontier by organising the movement of people from the Middle East to Minsk and promising them a safe passage to the bloc. The move was seen as reprisal for sanctions that Brussels imposed on his regime after his crackdown on civil society and political opponents.

Belarusian authorities in November escorted thousands of people to the Polish frontier in an escalation of the crisis. Witnesses told the Guardian how Belarusian troops had gathered groups of up to 50 people and cut the barbed wire with shears to allow them to cross.

Hundreds managed to evade the Polish police by hiding in the forests, but others were caught and violently pushed back to Belarus. As temperatures plummeted, Belarusian authorities began to move those who were unable to cross the frontier into Poland to a giant customs warehouse, turned into a dormitory, in Bruzgi.

It’s true poetic justice.

These people were attempting to exploit laws that allow them to flee a war zone when they were not actually fleeing a war zone. Now, they’re going to end up in a war zone.

Zelensky will arm them with antiquated select-fire weapons, which they will then use to loot and rape and go to war with the other criminal gangs armed by Zelensky running around Kiev.

It will be funny. The clips will go viral, and then you’ll realize why so many people consider Zelensky a hero.