Satanic Temple Sues Pennsylvania School for Refusing Creation of “Satan Club”

Freedom of religion, I’m sure.

But what if I wanted an after school anti-Semitism club?

The law is never applied fairly in this idiotic and ridiculous country.

Fox News:

The Satanic Temple is suing a Pennsylvania elementary school after its school board voted against the introduction of an After School Satan Club last week.

The Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit on constitutional grounds against Northern Elementary School in York, Pennsylvania, according to local ABC outlet KTUL.

Mathew Kezhaya, the general counsel for The Satanic Temple, said the lawsuit intends to litigate whether the Northern York County School Board discriminated against the organization by not allowing them to start an after school club when other organizations are allowed to.

Lucien Greaves, the Satanic Temple spokesperson, previously told Fox News about the clubs, “I’m hoping that with our presence, people can see that good people can have different perspectives, sometimes on the same mythology, but not mean any harm.”

If they deny us the use of a public facility, which they have no right to do it’ll have to move into litigation, costly litigation that the community is going to have to pay for,” Greaves told FOX 43 after the club was voted down.

Tucker interviewed these people and the guy made these libertarian arguments.

Tucker isn’t a libertarian anymore, but still has these ideological “priors” when addressing this sort of thing.

You need a philosophical framework, but when that framework leads you to “well, children should be allowed to have a satanism club after school and no one can stop them because of our values,” your framework is broken.

This is why people should come up with real world goals rather than ideologies. Ideologies just appeal to simple-mindedness, to people who can’t remain goal-focused and need to feel like they have an immediate, simple response to everything.

“America was founded by multiple different Christian sects and they all should have the same rights, so therefore we also have to have satanism” is not something you would arrive at through reason and logic. You could only get there through ideology.