Arab NYU Professor Suspended for Telling Students Hamas Didn’t Behead Babies

See: Ben Shapiro Goes Ape, Posts Picture of Alleged Burned Baby as Proof of 40 Decapitated Babies

Hamas did not behead 40 babies. They didn’t behead any babies.

This is proven to be a viral hoax, based on the “eyewitness account” of one Jew reporter, who also claimed that the scene was so horrible she told her cameramen to turn the cameras off.

No one believes this is real. However, it went viral when it was promoted by major Jew influencers like Ben Shapiro.

You notice that the story disappeared, and no evidence was ever produced. They just stopped talking about it.

But apparently, it’s still illegal to deny the 40 decapitated babies in Zionist-occupied America.

New York Post:

An NYU adjunct professor and firebrand pro-Palestinian activist told a group of students at a recent “teach-in” that allegations that Hamas beheaded Israeli babies were “not true” — and denounced New York City as “Zionist,” according to a video from the event.

Amin Husain, 48, led a foul-mouthed discussion about the war in Israel at The New School, organized by the radical group Students for Justice in Palestine, on Dec. 5, during which he defended the Palestinians’ right to fight for their liberation — and played down claims of Hamas atrocities.

They could have just banned him for supporting Palestine at all. That would have made more sense, and frankly, been much less absurd.

No one would be shocked if all of these universities just had a rule that all staff and students have to support Israel and if you don’t, you’re fired or expelled.

Instead, they decided to go hard on the infant decapitation hoax.

They’re trying to say … ‘Oh my God, you support rapists and people that behead babies,’ both of which, whatever, we know it’s not true,” Husain says in a 2-minute clip taken from the livestream of the event that was first obtained by the Free Press.

The professor’s claims sparked outrage in the local and international Jewish community regarding the growing incidents of antisemitism in NYU and US college campuses.

It’s antisemitism to deny Jewish atrocity hoaxes.

This has always been the case.

I was originally labeled an “antisemite” for denying that six million Jews were masturbated to death and turned into furniture and cleaning products by Adolf Hitler.

Roz Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs — an international nonpartisan education group that supports Israel and fights antisemitism — said Husain’s comments were anti-Jewish and condemned any school that would hire him.

“Shame on this professor for collaborating with the internationally recognized terrorist group, Hamas, by denying the documented rapes, beheadings, kidnappings and murders of over 1400 human beings,” Rothstein said in a statement to The Post. “He is harming civil society by promoting lies and justifying barbaric attacks against the Jewish people, and by being proud of being called an antisemite, which he is.”

“It is deeply concerning and unfortunate that any academic institution would have such dangerous staff serving as role models,” he added.

Eitan Gutenmacher, 21, a Jewish student at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study where Husain taught, said he was horrified by the professor’s statements but not surprised.

Gutenmacher, leader of the New Zionist Congress nonprofit group, said Husain has been notorious at the Gallatin School for his antisemitic views, adding that Jewish students know not to take any of his classes.

“Notorious for his antisemitic views” just means “he’s a Moslem.”

It’s very ironic that it was the Jews who started all these wars with the Moslems, then decided that the solution to the wars was to let millions of refugees from the wars they started come live in America.

I don’t have any idea why that seemed like a good idea to them.

He’s proud of being called an antisemite and it’s extremely concerning to see that in a seemingly progressive liberal arts college,” Gutenmacher said.

Amin Husain, 48. Seems pretty bro-tier to me. 

In the recording, Husain, a part-time faculty member of NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, is seen seated behind a desk, wearing a traditional Arabic keffiyeh headdress and facing his audience.

“We live in a Zionist city,” Husain proclaims. “Let’s be f—ing real … these people can come up and say because of keffiyeh, you should go back to your country.”

One of the students chimes in: “We’re trying.”


A lot of them really are trying to go back to their own countries, and they can’t, because the Jews and their helpers in Washington continue bombing them.

Frankly, I don’t think they should be here either, but it is entirely the fault of the Jews that they are here, and most of them want to go home, but can’t.

Husain decries the purported discrimination against Muslims as “bulls–t” — before mocking a petition started by an NYU alum last year calling for his firing.

I have a petition going around, right, because I’m antisemitic. I won the honors of antisemitic multiple times, by the way,” the NYU staffer says.

Alpha chad confirmed.

Husain goes on to say that his profile on the website Canary Mission — which documents professors, student activists and organizations that promote hatred of the US, Israel and Jews on college campuses — “is one of the best biographies I have.”

“It’s endless. The citations are better than I could ever imagine,” he quips, drawing laughter from his listeners. “And everything they cite is true.”

Based and redpilled.

Of course, the Jews ended up admitting that the baby beheadings were a hoax, and no babies were killed at all.

Hamas was very careful to only kill people they viewed as valid military targets.

From October 7 Fact Check:

Claims that babies were beheaded in Kfar Azaa during the Oct 7 attack on Israel were widely circulated by various sources, including Israeli officials, major news outlets, and President Biden. However, these claims were later retracted or could not be confirmed by multiple reporters. The Israeli government’s final death count did not include any dead babies or young children in Kfar Aza. Despite the false nature of these claims, they garnered significant attention and spread widely before being debunked.

After the Jews released this news, Ben Shapiro never issued an apology for pushing this stupid atrocity hoax.

Meanwhile, Gazans continue to be slaughtered on a massive scale, with no end in sight.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.