Shut the Fuck Up About the Holocaust, Blinken

Antony Blinken’s rock career went south when he vomited foamy river water up on the audience in Boise. That’s why he was forced to become the Secretary of State.

It’s too much.

I’m sorry.

I had to drop an f-bomb in the headline.

We cannot continue to base every aspect of our society on this alleged Holocaust, which even if it was real, is simply not relevant to anything. Jews cannot continue to claim that every single person who they are opposed to is responsible for a Holocaust, and let that be the end of the discussion.

We have to be able to talk openly about issues, including the Ukraine war. We cannot have Jews going around banning all criticism of their agenda based on the claim that Germans turned them into furniture and cleaning products 80 years ago.

The Holocaust did not happen. If it had happened, that wouldn’t mean anything anyway.

Ask me how many Cambodians are going around whining about Pol Pot. Ask me how many Japanese are whining about Manzanar. Ask me how many Armenians are whining about the Young Turks. (There is probably more in the latter case, but still, it’s not core to their identity.)


Users of the social media network X (formerly Twitter) have fact-checked a statement made by United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken in which he said Vladimir Putin’s government “manipulates” the details of massacres in Kiev in 1941 “to provide cover for Russia’s abuses in Ukraine.”

“Eighty-two years ago, Nazis murdered 34,000 Jews at Babyn Yar,” Blinken wrote in a Friday post. “Soviets buried this history, which today Putin’s government manipulates to provide cover for Russia’s abuses in Ukraine.”

He added that “the US is committed to justice for Holocaust survivors and accountability for atrocities.”

Still not calling it “X.” When I am on my deathbed, I will call it Twitter. I am also working with the family of DMX to sue Elon Musk for character assassination. That noble man does not deserve to be associated with the homosexual and Jewish censorship website called Twitter. When DMX said “X gonna give it to ya, X gonna deliver it to ya,” he meant it and he followed through. When Elon Musk said he was going to give you free speech, he instead did a bukkake podcast with rabbis blowing loads all over his stupid fat face. ALSO: This tweet doesn’t even make sense. Why would Putin bury history of Germans killing Soviets? It’s just nonsense.

Blinken was referring to massacres in the Babyn Yar ravine in present-day Kiev, perpetrated by Nazi Germany’s forces and their local Ukrainian collaborators in late September and October 1941 during its campaign against the Soviet Union. The first such massacre, which took place on September 29 and 30, saw some 33,771 Jews killed.


(But yeah, some people maybe did something, but you know what? A lot of people did some things in World War II, and “33,771 Jews” is an outrageous and totally implausible number.)

Other victims of mass killings at the site include Soviet prisoners of war (POWs), communists and Romani. It is estimated that between 100,000 and 150,000 people were murdered at Babyn Yar during the German occupation.

X users were quick to point out what they suggested was Blinken’s rather short-sighted recollection of historical events.

“Soviet prisoners of war were among the people massacred at Babyn Yar,” reads a contextual fact-box added by X users to Blinken’s post. “The Soviets liberated Babyn Yar and Kiev in 1943. The Soviets held a trial in 1946 in Kiev for 15 German policemen involved in the Babyn Yar massacres.”

In response to Blinken’s statement, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, wrote on X: “I was brought up in the USSR and we all knew about Babyn Yar. Nazi crimes were never ‘buried’ in my country, unlike yours. Writing such a sacrilegious post is beyond any basic notions of decency.”

Is it “sacrilegious,” Polyansky?

Against what religion?

The religion of the Holocaust?

Russians do not even have this Holocaust mythology. Tens of millions of Russians died in World War II. They don’t go around crying about the Jews.

Engaging the Jews on this level is a mistake. I’m a Russian shill and everyone knows it, but the Jews simply do not deserve to be at the center of everything.

To be clear, Polyansky was talking about Soviets that were killed, rather than necessarily defending the Holocaust story.

The Germans did kill a lot of Russians, but that’s why we called it a “war.” People get killed in wars.

Some people would think it is counterintuitive to defend Nazi Germany and Putin’s Russia. It’s actually the only consistent position anyone can take, in terms of intellectual honesty: I support Christianity and Christian values. In World War II, the Axis was the bearer of Christendom. Now, Russia is in that role. That just is what it is. You can go through and work out the details and explain all of it if you want, but it just is what it is.

A lot of Russians died in the war. It was a war. It’s unfortunate that Russia and Germany were not allies – because if they had been, they would have won, defeated America, defeated the Jews, and we would not be dealing with the things we’re dealing with now.

But I don’t blame Russians for honoring their dead. We honor our dead. Of course you should honor your dead. It would be totally extreme if Russians went out and said “well, actually, Hitler was right” as some kind of official position. In the context of Germany attacking them now, it just sort of makes sense that they would draw comparisons to when Germany attacked them last century. I don’t agree with it on an intellectual level, but it is what it is. The difference is, Russians make the war about their own dead (there were a lot more dead Russians than dead Americans or British), while Americans do not care at all about their own dead, and call it “World War Holocaust.”

At least Russia can say “Germany attacked us and tried to conquer our country (and Hitler didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about Russians).” Americans claim they were attacked by the Japanese, which is true, but they don’t tell you the details about how they knew it was going to happen beforehand and purposefully allowed it to happen in order to give them an excuse to join the war full-on.

Everyone needs to return to Christian values. At that point, we can say that the Jews started that war, not Hitler and not Stalin, and it is unfortunate that there were deaths on every side, but really, ultimately, in the ultimate cosmic sense, the Germans were the victims and if Hitler was in charge of Germany today, they would not be doing a war with Russia to try to force them to do rimjobs on little boys.

The vaginal creature is consciously attempting to be the reverse Hitler, doing a war against Christian values instead of for it. The true reverse Hitler would not do a war, and would just promote gay anal child fisting with fliers or something. Because I mean, the opposite of a war is not a war, right?