Ukrainians Whining About McCarthy Ouster, Secret Deal Falling Through

So, here’s the short story: McCarthy was ousted because he made a secret deal with the Democrats to fund the Ukraine war forever.

He told Matt Gaetz, and the American people, that he would “not have a blank check” for the Ukraine. Then, after obtaining speakership, he said that actually, he doesn’t think there should be a “blank check” for anything, and he just meant “no blank check” in a general sense, and actually, he thinks the Ukraine should get infinity money forever. He just thinks there should be a pretense of oversight. Or whatever.

Now, with his ouster, the Ukraine doesn’t have any money.


While Ukraine has publicly distanced itself from the congressional chaos in the US, officials privately admit that there is a lot of anxiety over future deliveries of weapons and financing by its key Western sponsor, Politico reported on Wednesday.

“We are freaking out. For us it is a disaster,” MP Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze was quoted by the outlet as saying.

Is there even one single heterosexual, non-Jewish male in the Ukraine government?

Klympush-Tsintsadze served as vice prime minister under President Pyotr Poroshenko and remains a senior figure in his party.

An unnamed MP interviewed by the outlet called the situation in the US “a setup” for Ukraine that people in Kiev were “watching for now.”

Yes, it’s all about you.

You entitled whores.

They were referring to last week’s failure of the US Congress to approve additional Ukraine spending in the 45-day stopgap funding bill and the subsequent ouster of Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House, a first in American history.

Representative Matt Gaetz, who spearheaded the motion to oust the speaker, accused McCarthy of striking a secret deal with the administration of President Joe Biden to keep Ukraine aid flowing. Gaetz is a vocal advocate for cutting Kiev loose, whereas the White House has repeatedly urged Congress to ensure continued funding of the Ukrainian government.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kiev has enough money to last through October, but beyond that is far less certain should foreign aid dry up. The Western money goes not only to the military but covers civilian expenses as well.

After the stopgap budget was passed in the US Congress, Ukrainian MP Yaroslav Zhelezniak lamented that his country had become “hostages of their [Americans’] internal politics” and shared his ideas on how to ensure resumption of the cash flow. “The biggest (public) complaint about us is corruption,” he said in a social media post on Sunday. “We have to go through these 45 days without a major corruption scandal.”

Haha. Good luck with that.

Maybe this means the unseating of McCarthy really was a very big deal, and it’s going to change the entire path of the future by changing the Ukraine conflict?

I don’t think so.

There were 208 Democrats that voted for removing McCarthy.

All it would have taken is a couple to keep him in power.

And yet, that was the vote – all 208 voted against him.

So, either:

  • The Democrats know that the next speaker is going to continue their Ukraine policy, or
  • The government as a whole wants an excuse to change the Ukraine policy

I don’t know which is the case. How the hell would I know – I do not have insider sources and I am not a wizard. What I do know is that either the next Speaker will support the funding of the war, or you will see the war wrapped up.

And you might say: “Well of course, Anglin – those are the only two things that can happen!”

Well, no, retard – actually, as I just explained, it would have only taken half a dozen Democrats to maintain the status quo and maintain the funding for the war.

Unless you believe that this entire war machine – all of these hundreds of billions of dollars that are changing hands – was incapable of swaying six Democrats to vote for Kevin McCarthy, then it is very obvious that either they know the next Speaker will also support the war, or they are trying to back out of the war because Ukrainian boy-rapists, women, and Jews are getting the shit beaten out of them by Russian Christians.

Sky News just deleted a clip where some Ukrainian vagina admitted that their “counteroffensive” had only managed to “retake” less than 1% of territory from Russia (which is actually a lie – they have less territory than they had in June).

She said “we need more money and weapons.” The fact is that they need more bodies and they need air support. Otherwise, this is just an ethnic cleansing of the Ukraine, and it can not go on forever.

So there are a lot of reasons the Democrats would want out, and blaming Matt Gaetz is a pretty easy way out.

Of course, like I say – who the hell even knows anymore? Maybe they’ll replace the Speaker with another war supporter, maybe they’ll just put McCarthy back in the seat, and this will keep going a while longer. I don’t know. I haver no way of knowing that.

But they have reason to get out. So maybe they are getting out.

None of this politics bullshit is real.