Social Media Sluts Cry After Russia Bans Instagram

Liza Lukasheva (left) and Olga Buzova (right) 

Western sanctions are literally turning Russia into a paradise.

When porn, Western consumerism and internet slutting are banned, and Jews are fleeing the country, you have the framework to build a utopia.

New York Post:

Some of Russia’s most famous influencers have broken down in tears after learning Vladimir Putin is instituting an Instagram ban amid his country’s ongoing war with Ukraine.

The ban went into effect Monday, just days after the Kremlin claimed the social media site was causing an “incitement of violence against Russians.”

Before having their accounts restricted, popular public figures wept at the news in their final video posts, with one saying it felt like her life “was being taken away” from her.


“I am not afraid of admitting that I do not want to lose you,” Russian reality TV star Olga Buzova, 36, told her 23.3 million fans, according to Insider.

“I do not know what the future holds,” she further sobbed in the seven-minute video. “I don’t know. I just shared my life, my work, and my soul. I did not do this all as a job for me — this is a part of my soul. It feels like a big part of my heart and my life is being taken away from me.”

Elsewhere, an unidentified Russian beauty blogger apparently also wept at the news of the ban, with the footage posted to Twitter by news channel Nexta TV.

To me, it’s all life. It’s the soul. It’s the one thing with which I wake up, fall asleep. F–king five years in a row,” she purportedly stated in her native Russian.

The Instagram ban was announced Friday after Meta — which owns both Instagram and Facebook — announced a new policy applying only to Ukraine that allows calls for violence in posts about the Russian invasion into the country.

It’s all over for these whores.

Might as well move to Saudi Arabia and become a full-time toilet.

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