South Korea Apologizes to Citizens After North Korea Humiliates Them with Drone Incursion

The empire is being humiliated everywhere on a daily basis.

The Norks are stunting on the worst Korea ever.


South Korea has issued an apology to its citizens after failing to shoot down several North Korean drones that crossed the border earlier this week, acknowledging that the incident stoked fears among the public while vowing a more aggressive response in the future.

Lieutenant General Kang Shin-chul, the chief director of operations for the South Korean military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), commented on the drone breach in a statement on Tuesday, noting flaws in Seoul’s military preparedness.

We feel sorry that although our military detected and tracked the drones, we failed to shoot them down,” he said, adding, “in the end, we have caused much public concern due to insufficiency in the military readiness posture.”

The mea culpa came just one day after Seoul reported that five North Korean drones had crossed the Military Demarcation Line which separates the two Koreas, some traveling as far as the South’s capital city and remaining in its airspace for several hours. The military said it scrambled a number of aircraft and fired more than 100 rounds in an effort to down the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), but failed to do so – at least in part due to concerns over endangering civilian structures, according to local media.

The entire global power balance has already shifted from total US dominance to a tenuous US hold on dominance.

It is continuing to shift.