Spain’s Serial Kisser Luis Rubiales Facing Two and a Half Years in Jail for Harmless Peck

The video sure as hell looked consensual. She said it was consensual.

But that doesn’t even matter. No one knew “kiss-rape” existed. The man was very excited and did something spontaneous that he could not have possibly predicted would have these lunatic results, which have been driven by the global media, which has a vested interest in demonizing and marginalizing men using ever more extreme versions of feminism.

The Guardian:

Luis Rubiales could face a prison sentence of two and a half years if convicted of kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips against her will, court documents have shown. The former Spanish football federation chief has been charged with one count of sexual assault and one of coercion in the aftermath of the kiss, offences carrying jail terms of one year and 18 months respectively.

The 46-year-old grabbed ­Hermoso and kissed her on the lips on 20 August during the awards ceremony after Spain beat England in the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney, sparking global outrage and ­causing a national debate in Spain about ­sexism. ­Hermoso and her teammates said the kiss was unwanted and demeaning, but Rubiales argued it was consensual and denied any wrongdoing.

They’re not just charging him – they’re charging other people in the league for supposedly telling her to say it was “consensual” when secretly it was not.

The prosecutor, Marta Durántez, also has accused the former women’s national team coach Jorge Vilda; the sporting director of the Spanish fede­ration (RFEF), Albert Luque; and the RFEF’s marketing chief, Rubén Rivera, of coercing Hermoso into saying the kiss was consensual. The indictment said the three officials harassed Hermoso by exerting “constant and repeated acts of pressure” directly on the player and through her friends and family. They could each face 18 months in prison. All three denied wrongdoing when they appeared before the court.

In reality, it was the media putting pressure on the stupid bitch to go along with the kiss-rape theory.

Durántez also said Rubiales should pay €50,000 (£42,843) in damages to Hermoso, with another €50,000 to be jointly paid by Rubiales, Vilda, Luque and Rivera.

In addition, she requested a restraining order barring Rubiales from coming within 200 metres of Hermoso and from communicating with her for the next seven and a half years. If convicted and sentenced as requested by the prose­cutor, Rubiales may not necessarily have to serve time behind bars. Spain’s criminal code allows judges to “exceptionally” suspend jail terms if – as in this case – none of the sentences imposed individually exceeds two years.

It’s really irrelevant whether he serves time. He’s already had all of his professional honors stripped from him via this smear campaign, and he’s banned from working. So why not go to prison?

The man has been totally destroyed by this moronic vaginal hoax.