State Voting Laws to Change in 2023 to Prevent Republicans from Ever Winning

In 2020, it was obvious that the election was a hoax, because they actually literally shut down the vote-tallying so they could ship in more votes.

However, once they normalize sending out massive amounts of mail-in ballots, numbers which completely overwhelm the system, it will no longer be obvious.

They are literally saying that this is what they are going to do.

From a bizarro world article from the AP:

State lawmakers around the country introduced thousands of bills to change the way elections are run after former President Donald Trump falsely blamed his 2020 loss on voter fraud. Hundreds became law.

Even with proponents of Trump’s election lies roundly defeated during this year’s midterms, advocates on both sides of the voting debate are bracing for another round of election-related legislation. Republicans are eager to tighten election rules further while Democrats, who took control of two additional statehouses, will seek to make it easier to cast a ballot.

It’s still so bizarre that the AP now uses this kind of language.

They could just as easily say “proponents of Trump’s disputed theories” and maintain some appearance of objectivity, but they are making a point to be non-objective.

They are just causally using the term “election-denier.” This is not an op-ed.

Minnesota’s newly reelected Democratic secretary of state, Steve Simon, said he had spoken to several secretaries of state who are eager to push for changes in voting. Losses by election-denier candidates in top races have emboldened some Democrats to champion expansions of voting rights.

“Voters spoke loudly and clearly about what they wanted and didn’t want, both in regards to this office and all these other issues,” said Simon, who defeated a Republican challenger who parroted some of Trump’s lies about the 2020 election.

Democrats won majorities in both houses of the Minnesota Legislature in November, giving Simon a good shot at enacting changes. He expects to urge lawmakers to adopt automatic voter registration and allow high school students to pre-register.


Automatic registration!

Vote without voting at all!

Just do nothing and you will be registered to vote, a ballot will be sent to your house, the ballot will be picked up and filled out and submitted for tabulation!

Automated democracy!

The AP goes on whining for paragraph after paragraph about how bad it is that you would be expected to show up to vote and prove who you are, then finally gets to what they are getting at: they are changing all the laws.

Democrats are readying their own pushes, especially in two states where they won control of the legislatures and retained the governorship — Michigan and Minnesota.

Michigan voters not only gave Democrats control of the state Legislature, they also passed Proposal 2, a sweeping ballot initiative that expanded early and mail voting. Democrats already are preparing to strengthen the measure in the legislative session.

“There will need to be quite a bit of implementation legislation next term, and I look forward to working with the Legislature and the governor’s office to enact this,” Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum, a Democrat, said in an interview.

Jake Rollow, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of State, said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson will likely ask lawmakers to allocate $100 million annually for local election offices and propose new measures against circulating election misinformation. A Democratic state lawmaker also proposed imposing penalties for people who pressure election workers, a key cause of Democrats in state legislatures after conspiracy theorists targeted voting officials after the 2020 presidential election.

In Minnesota, Simon said he also wants to increase penalties against threatening or interfering with election workers. He said he’ll push a range of other reforms, including pre-registering high schoolers so they can quickly join the voting rolls upon turning 18. Younger voters lean Democratic, but Simon said he’s not trying to promote his party.

This “intimidating poll workers” thing is designed to make it so they can call the cops and have people who go to these facilities physically removed so they can’t film what’s happening with their cellphones.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter at this point, as all of this fraud is now institutionalized and done behind closed doors.

This country is a joke.