Sunday Sermon: I Already Posted It

I’ve been wanting to do Sunday religious and self-help articles again, because the site has been basically garbage for months.

I was working on a Sunday centerpiece yesterday, and then I spent too much time on it, and needed to post it yesterday so there would be enough content on the site.

Here it is:

These Jews are Sadistic Maniacs and They’re Lying About Everything for the Purpose of Separating You from God

Most of you probably read the site every day and already saw it. But maybe you saw it and thought it was too long to read. It’s gotten a very good response. I read it (I don’t usually read my own writing, as a rule), and think it’s pretty good – although it is overly stylized in a way that almost feels pretentious.

Anyway, yeah, I want to start trying to write better stuff this fall. It’s been a busy summer, in real life. You people know I do have a real life. I am supposed to work 80 hours a week, which is what the site takes to be good, but I’ve been working more like 60 hours a week, which results in slacking.

Frankly, I would just read and write all the time, and not even sleep, if that was possible, as it’s the only thing that brings me any sense of peace. But, you know. You gotta do stuff. Gotta take care of business. Gotta get ‘er done.

I might also be getting old, frankly. I was up nearly 48 hours (which is why I was late this morning – I crashed out, Andy Warski style), and I just don’t think I can do that sort of thing anymore.

I’ve enjoyed this life of working constantly and living hard in between, barely sleeping, dealing with various shit you can’t even imagine. But at some point, I’m barreling towards 40 years old, and I’m gonna have to chillax.

Shoutout to Jesus and all the Saints and Angels. Shoutout to Adolf Hitler. Shoutout to my heroes: weev, Sam Hyde, Nick Fuentes, Beardson, Paul Town, Ethan Ralph, A. Wyatt Mann, and every other nigga who’s kept it real when they could have bitched out a long time ago. Shoutout to Mr. Bond and Ricky Vaughn and all my other niggas who got did up for keeping it real. Shoutout to them Russian lads in the Ukraine getting it done. #FreeGavin, even if he is a bitch.

We’re still on the grind. We’ll be here until they come for us with bullets.

One love.