Sweden Democrats Highest Numbers Yet: Nearly 18% in New YouGov Poll

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2014

Sweden Democrats are the yellow bar.
Sweden Democrats are the yellow bar. Blue is the moderate conservative party. Red is the Social Democrats (Marxist party pushing the type of thing you think of when you think of Sweden).

The far-right Sweden Democrats party has seen a massive rise in popularity over the last months, with a new YouGov poll putting them at 17.7 percent – that’s up from the 12.8% they got in the election last fall, where they were up 7.2% from the previous elections.

Last years elections (pretty sure party colors are all the same).
Last year’s elections.

Various experts are saying that SD will benefit from the early elections which the Social Democrat government called for after the SD forced their government to collapse in shame by refusing to approve a budget that was filled with immigration/invasion money.

It seems to me they will benefit even more if this thing rides for a while. Popularity of nationalist parties across Europe is going only up – none of them are going down, unless it is due to people voting for a competing nationalist party.

"Bro - up here, bro - listen to me: I don't care." -Mattias Karlsson to a Syrian refugee telling him he had to escape his country because he was scared
“Bro – up here, look – listen to me: I don’t care.” -Mattias Karlsson to a Syrian refugee telling him he had to escape his country because he was scared

Presently, the SD is demanding an apology from the current Marxist Prime Minister, who called the party “Neo-Fascist.”

In an editorial, Stefan Löfven wrote “I will never act in a way that would give power over the country’s development to a neo-fascist single issue political party that neither respects human diversity or Sweden’s democratic institutions.”

Again we see claims of not respecting democracy as a nationalist party makes gains in democratic elections.  It’s funny every time.