Sweden Raises Terrorist Threat Level to 4 Out of 5 Over Koran Burnings

People burning a Swedish flag in Pakistan

In Sweden, you’re not allowed to insult the Jews.

You’re not allowed to insult women.

You’re not allowed to insult trannies.

The only group of people you are allowed to insult – and the government actually encourages you to – is the same group that will blow you up for insulting them.

The Guardian:

Sweden has raised its terrorist threat level to the second-highest number possible, as the prime minister warned the country had thwarted planned attacks.

The move comes amid heightened security fears following a string of Qur’an burnings that have caused outrage around the world.

Raising the threat level from three, meaning “heightened threat”, to four, “high threat”, on the five-point scale, the Swedish security service (Säpo) said that in recent months Sweden had shifted from a “legitimate” to a “prioritised” target for acts of terror.

It is the first time since 2016 that the country has changed its threat level to four.

Making the announcement on Thursday in Stockholm, Charlotte von Essen, the director general of Säpo, said that Sweden was becoming an “increased focus” for Islamic extremists.

She said the change in terror threat was a strategic and long-term move, not linked to one particular incident. However, she said disinformation campaigns painting Sweden as an Islamophobic country had contributed to the increased threat.

Later on Thursday, the prime minister, Ulf Kristersson, said Swedish agencies had already averted planned terror attacks.

Speaking alongside von Essen, the justice minister Gunnar Strömmer and police chief Anders Thornberg, Kristersson said Qur’an burnings in Sweden had contributed to the heightened terror threat. Another factor, he added, was the attempted murder of an employee of the Swedish consulate in İzmir, Turkey.

Security issues have dominated public discussion in recent weeks after Kristersson warned that the country’s freedom of expression laws were being exploited by outsiders to spread “hateful messages”.

The string of Qur’an burning protests, which under Sweden’s exceptionally liberal freedom of expression laws are legal, have prompted a domestic debate about whether there should be limits to such laws among those who consider their actions hate crimes.

They are not “exceptionally liberal.”

We went through this many times when discussing this Koran burning mania the Swedes are inexplicably in the thralls of.

Just do a quick search.

They were arresting Christians for reading the Bible in public all the way back in 2004.

Jared Taylor wrote an article about it at the time.

The UK didn’t start doing that until like, 2011.

See: Sweden, One of the Most Censorious Countries on Earth, Continues to Bizarrely Claim They Burn Korans Because of Free Speech

If you’re going to have free speech, have free speech. But don’t ban everything other than insulting Islam, then claim it’s because you have free speech, then expect people won’t take that seriously.

Furthermore: if you’re going to design a system to specifically attack and insult Moslems, and you have Moslems in your country, you should assume they are going to blow people up, or shoot them, or whatever.

Sweden is not only a country with a legal system designed to target Moslems while silencing criticism on every other group, they are also a country that spent decades flooding themselves with poor people from Islamic countries.