Switzerland Finally Lets Faggots Donate Blood Like Everyone Else

I guess I’m going to have to cancel my annual trip to Switzerland to have my blood changed.

What a mess.


Gabriel Delabays sat calmly, his feet elevated on a reclining chair, as a nurse drew blood from his left arm at a Swiss transfusion centre on Wednesday, the first day gay men in the country could give blood without extra restrictions.

Switzerland amended blood donation criteria for men who have sexual relations with other men, making ineligibility criteria the same for homosexuals and heterosexuals.

“I’m moved that we made it, especially after such a long battle,” said Delabays, a member of the communal council in the Lausanne suburb of Ecublens who represents the Swiss Liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP).

“In some ways, I think this is a small page in a history book that says: On Nov. 1, 2023, Switzerland allowed homosexuals to donate their blood more easily.”

Under Switzerland’s new regulations, a four-month waiting period applies to all people after their last sexual encounter with a new partner – heterosexual or homosexual – or a 12-month waiting period if sexual contacts have taken place with more than two partners within the last four months.

Until 2017, gay men were systematically barred from giving blood in Switzerland, a policy dating to the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

Since then, men sexually active with other men were allowed to donate blood only if 12 months had passed since their last homosexual encounter.

“The main feeling we have is ‘finally’. Finally we can take part in society in this way,” said Gaé Colussi, regional officer for the French-speaking part of Switzerland at Pink Cross, which represents the interests of gay and bisexual men across the country.

There is no such thing as bisexuals, and excluding homosexuals from blood donation, long past when they were given all these other special rights, was not about prejudice. It should have been, but it wasn’t.

People simply identified a group that has way more diseases than everyone else. It’s basic pattern recognition.

(I don’t believe in HIV, by the way, but that’s still a great documentary showing the true nature of the eternal homo.)