Jews Bomb Yet Another Refugee Camp in Gaza, Kill Family of Journalist

See: Israel Bombs Same Refugee Camp Two Days in a Row! Jews Think It’s Funny!

They think it’s funny.

The Jews think this is funny.

New York Post:

A journalist working in the Gaza Strip mourned the deaths of his four children and brother after Israel launched an airstrike at the Al Maghazi refugee camp, killing at least 47 people and wounding dozens, including his wife and infant child.

Mohammed Alaloul, a photographer for the Turkish-run Anadolu Agency news service, was at work when he learned that the refugee camp was hit in an overnight airstrike, the New York Times reports.

With reports coming in of multi-story homes leveled in the area and dead children arriving at a nearby hospital, Alaloul scrolled through the news on his phone until he learned that his family was caught in the blast.

Among the casualties were his children – Qais, Ahmad, Rahaf, and Kenaan.

Three of the children were just four years old.

Alaloul’s wife, Amnah, and their youngest child, Adam, 1, survived the airstrike and were being treated at the Al-Aqsa Hospital. Both were listed in critical condition.

Robby Starbuck and other kikesuckers are telling people this is the bad guy:

By the way, Starbuck (who literally named himself after a character from Battlestar Galactica) is telling you this is the good guy:

Fatmericans believe this. (Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.)

It is so outrageous that it makes you want to start smashing things up like a lunatic.

But stay calm.

God is in control.

We shall all be healed.