Switzerland Resort Bans Jews from Renting Skis

You see the headline, and you think: “oh, this must be related to the Palestine thing.”

Actually, it’s related to other, smaller scale destructive Jewish behavior.

But I will tell you, after the blurb, how it is indeed related to the ongoing Jewish PR crisis caused by the Gaza slaughter.


The Pischa mountain restaurant hotel in Davos, Switzerland, has announced it will no longer rent out skiing and other snow-sports equipment to Jewish guests, due to an alleged long history of unruly behavior, property damage and theft. The establishment faced accusations of anti-Semitism, causing a major scandal and a police investigation.

The offensive notice appeared over the weekend at the door of the room used to store skiing equipment at the resort. The message in Hebrew explicitly denied Jewish guests access to the service.

Due to various unfortunate incidents, including the theft of a sled, we no longer rent sports equipment to our Jewish brothers. This applies to all equipment such as sledges, airboards, ski jacks and snowshoes. Thank you for your understanding,” the notice read.


On Monday, local police confirmed to daily 20 Minuten that they had launched an official probe into the affair and are now investigating the hotel over alleged “discrimination and incitement to hatred.”

The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG) has strongly condemned the resort, branding the policy a new “level of audacity” and pledging to file a complaint of its own over the affair. “An entire group of guests is being collectively denigrated on the basis of their appearance and origin,” SIG Secretary General Jonathan Kreutner claimed in a statement.

It’s explicitly not their appearance and origin though. It’s their behavior.

Famously, South American hotels and resorts have banned Jews from renting for decades, because Jews simply cause a lot of problems.

However, a white country doing this is new, and it is only possible because of the Gaza massacre.

Jews have lost their “but my Holocaust” status, and people no longer feel afraid to say “you know what? this behavior from you Jews is not acceptable, and in fact, we’re not going to accept it.”

This Swiss resort will probably be overruled by some Swiss court, but it shows the direction things are going in: the Jews are no longer invincible.

This is, of course, exactly what I predicted. By doing this genocide in Gaza, the Jews lost ALL of their sympathy. People were already wondering why Jews could do anything they wanted to do to anyone based on alleged events from nearly a century ago, and now the whole “Holocaust infinity card” is used up.

Expect to see more of this.

If it wasn’t for the massive censorship apparatus the Jews still control, the jig would already be up.