Taking Cues from the Pope, Indiana Women’s Catholic College to Allow Trannies


Pope Francis has been making bizarre, anti-Christ statements for a decade. However, he has only within the last few months began translating this anti-Christ philosophy into Church policy.

He’s obsessed with trannies, and obsessed with normalizing trannies. A recent official decree from the Vatican said that trannies could be baptized without repentance.

To be clear: a homosexual could always be baptized, as long as he claimed he was repentant, i.e., declared in front of God, in the Church, that he recognized homosexuality as a sin and would do his best to not to engage in these acts again.

A homosexual could be a practicing Catholic, in the same way that a chronic masturbator could be a practicing Catholic: every week he engages the sin and every week he goes to confession, repents, and takes communion. This is possible. Hopefully, he would eventually stop the acts or start doing them less as a result of the prayer involved in repentance, but he wouldn’t necessarily ever have to stop as long as he was always genuinely repentant. Also, he could just lie, but no one understands what the purpose of that would be.

This has always been the situation: a person has to repent of their sins to earn a state of Grace, and then he will fall again, and so on.

The Pope says constantly that the Church needs to be more open to homosexuals, but it was never closed to homosexuals. Everyone can repent, and the Church accepts everyone. You can do a school shooting and be on death row, and a priest will come hear your confession. This is a fundamental aspect of the religion.

But just as all sins can be forgiven and will be forgiven, because Christ died for all the sins of man, they can only be forgiven alongside repentance.

Here is the English translation of the relevant parts of the document in question:

(Note: The reference to the Church teaching about baptism without repentance is presumably in reference to writings about a person lying about repenting. Until a couple weeks ago, the Catholic Church had never allowed a person to be baptized without claiming to repent.)

What the Pope has done in allowing trannies to be baptized without repentance effectively breaks the Catholic Church. No one understands it. He says that trannies can be baptized as trannies. That is, they can be baptized while dressed up as a woman, claiming to be a woman. I assume the priests will also use the pronouns and fake name.

There is no other situation we can imagine that would have allowed the Pope to remove repentance from the terms of baptism. A tranny is the only person who is constantly, wherever they go, engaged in sin in a visible way. The above mentioned homosexual is not displaying his homosexuality in the church. An obese person is displaying their sin, but they are not gorging themselves in the church. The only situation I can think of where a person can be baptized while committing a sin in front of everyone is a tranny dressed in women’s clothes, with fake breasts and everything else. The person cannot have repented, or they would not be wearing women’s clothes, makeup, and otherwise pretending to be a woman.

To be clear: it already would have been fine to baptize a person who lives as a tranny usually but has come to the Baptism in men’s clothing, talking normally, using his real name, and so on. There was no confusion about this. It was required that the Pope clarify that yes, you can Baptize a tranny who is performing as a tranny, i.e., you can baptize them when you know they are not repenting. This is why the document clarifies that the Church will be throwing out the entire concept of repentance being necessary for baptism.

Repentance for baptism is the same thing as earning a state of grace before taking communion, so it can be assumed that trannies will also be allowed to take communion without repenting.

This massive change to basic Church teaching is going to have serious reverberations as the Pope continues to blaze his path towards full anal.

New York Post:

Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana recently declared it will consider allowing biological males to attend the university if they have a history of identifying as women.

President Katie Conboy told the faculty in an email on Tuesday about the change in policy, according to the Notre Dame student paper, The Observer.

“Saint Mary’s will consider undergraduate applicants whose sex assigned at birth is female or who consistently live and identify as women,” Conboy emailed.

Katie Conboy: tranny? 

While the college is still reportedly determining the practices that will follow from the policy change, admissions will begin considering transgender applicants in fall 2024.

A campus newspaper reported that Conboy previously assembled a “President’s Task Force for Gender Identity and Expression” that is tasked with coming up with recommendations for housing and possible education surrounding “Catholic identity and women’s college identity.”

Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana

Conboy’s email reportedly quoted His Holiness Pope Francis to justify the policy.

“Pope Francis advocates for love as the appropriate approach to those who are different from ourselves: ‘Love, then, is more than just a series of benevolent actions. Those actions have their source in a union increasingly directed towards others, considering them of value, worthy, pleasing and beautiful apart from their physical or moral appearances. Our love for others, for who they are, moves us to seek the best for their lives,” the email reportedly said.

Okay, so. Just to reiterate the main point here: everyone was already loved, everyone was already able to repent and be baptized. This was not a problem. There was no church that was going to judge a repentant homosexual (or a homosexual who claimed to be repentant).

The Church has always been open to everyone. There was nothing that needed to be fixed here. The Pope’s goals in becoming “more open to homosexuals” have always, necessarily, been about changing policy to normalize homosexuals in the Church.

This is now happening. The Pope is doing all of these tranny projects, including bringing hordes of trannies into the Vatican to give his approval, because this is a very unique phenomenon which allows for the creation of a new set of rules.

Note: I’ve said that I’m going to do some serious thinking and speak to E. Michael Jones before doing any further analysis of what this means for the Church. Nothing I’ve said here is analysis, other than maybe the part about the Pope exploiting the tranny issue (though that also seems to be just obvious). Nothing else I’ve said here is up for debate, it’s all just basic statements of what is going on. I have a lot I would like to say about the implications of this, and what will happen to the Church if/when it becomes much more aggressive about anal issues. But I won’t.