Watch: Zelensky Begs for Loans, Promises to Pay Back as Top Military Commander Dies Mishandling Grenade

I think we’re now definitely at the point where no one can claim this desperation is staged.

This is definitely real desperation.

The wheels are coming off the Jewish death machine in the Ukraine, and Uncle Sam is telling them to just hold on.

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It’s truly over.

Let’s consider…

New York Post:

A top aide to Ukraine’s military commander was killed on his birthday Monday and his 13-year-old son was seriously injured when one of his presents exploded inside his Kyiv home.

Maj. Hennadiy Chastyokov, 39, died in the “tragic accident” after returning to his home with several birthday presents he received from friends — not realizing live grenades were included amongst the gifts.

Holy shit.

This wasn’t some kind of sabotage – his friends did it as a joke.

If it was sabotage, the pin would have been pulled, and set to pop when the box was opened. This says the kid pulled the pin.

One of his friends thought opening a present and finding live grenades inside would be funny.

That is the level the Ukraine people are at.

Chastyokov began to show off his gifts to his family, when his teenage son began to examine the weapon, according to a Telegram post from Ukraine’s Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko.

“The son first took the munition in his hand and began to twist the ring,” he wrote. “Then the serviceman took the grenade from the child and pulled the ring, causing a tragic explosion.”

He pulled it??


Okay, just looked at his face, and now I understand.

Police also said the explosion was the “result of careless handling of ammunition,” and found five more live grenades at his home, Klymenko said.

The cops were then able to figure out which of Chastyakov’s fellow soldiers sent him the gift, visited the suspect’s home and retrieved two more grenades.

This is the funniest thing ever.