Teacher Union Leaders Use Upside-Down Ukrainian Flag to Declare Support for Anal

Is Randi Weingarten even a teacher? Or just a nasty old Jew?

How could a teacher not know what the flag of the Ukraine looks like?

How could anyone not know what the flag of the Ukraine looks like, after it’s been spammed everywhere for a month?

New York Post:

Two national teachers union honchos posted a photo of themselves accidentally holding an upside-down Ukrainian flag while rallying in support of the country — causing critics to flip, according to a report Wednesday.

The American Federation of Teachers on Tuesday tweeted a photo of its president, Randi Weingarten, and vice president, Evelyn DeJesus, clutching a poster proclaiming “We stand with Ukraine” amid Russia’s invasion, according to FOX News, which captured a screengrab of the now-deleted image.

But the sign featured a yellow strip above a blue one — the opposite of the Ukrainian flag, which symbolizes a sky over a bountiful field.

Critics quickly pounced on the teachers and their union, which supported the closure of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, and fought against reopenings.

“They did to that flag what they did to education these past two years… pretend they care, but really, they just made it upside down,” Reopen California Schools tweeted.

Hot take.

I mean, it’s true, I guess – it just sounds retarded.

Randi Weingarten was basically one of the most important players in the coronavirus hoax, as she was the one who made sure the schools stayed closed, when even totally unhinged coronavirus hoax hellscapes like France were letting kids go to school.

She’s still trying to mask the kids, and close any schools she can.

It just goes to show the relationship between this virus hoax and the Ukraine hoax.

It’s literally “current thing.”