Watch: Oklahoma High School Students Suck Each Other’s Toes at School-Sanctioned Event

Finally, foot fetishists are gaining representation at American high schools.

New York Post:

An Oklahoma high school is under investigation after a viral video of students sucking and licking one another’s toes at a school-sanctioned fundraiser exploded this week.

The disturbing footage shows at least four kids from Deer Creek High School lying on their stomachs on what appears to be a gymnasium floor furiously lapping up peanut butter off their peers’ bare feet.

“He is devouring those!” one student can be heard saying, as others cheer in the background and an MC moderates the bizarre competition.

The video racked up nearly 50 million views on social media in just 24 hours — and led to a formal investigation by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

“This is disgusting. We are cleaning up this filth in Oklahoma schools. Our agency is investigating,” state Superintendent Ryan Walters said on X.

The video was filmed Thursday at the Clash of Classes assembly, which was part of the high school’s week-long fundraiser for a local coffee shop that employs people with special needs, according to the Deer Creek School District.

Students from 9th through 12th grade volunteered to participate in a plethora of class competitions that their peers paid to attend — including the toe-sucking tournament.

Administrators initially applauded its students for their involvement in its Wonderful Week of Fundraising, which raised $152,830.38 — but later apologized to its student body and parents.

If you think this is weird, you are banned from Twitter.