High School Brutes Organizing Fight Clubs

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New York Post:

Students at one of America’s most violent high schools — where administrators begged for the National Guard to help reign in campus chaos — are organizing fight clubs, The Post has learned.

Meanwhile, overwhelmed teachers at Brockton High School, 25 miles south of Boston, are turning a blind eye to the violence out of fear for their own safety after multiple staffers were brutally beaten while trying to stop fights.

Out of boredom the kids are setting up fights between two individuals, and they’re setting up a location for them to fight, and everybody’s going to watch it,” said Jamal Gooding, a Brockton, Mass., activist who has been speaking with parents and students since the beleaguered school made headlines earlier in February.

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Gooding told The Post that those fights are sparking even more violence in the hallways — and risk turning deadly.

“What happens when you lose the fight and you go to school next day? That’s when you let your friends come in the back door and get the person that beat you up,” he said.

They’re not dealing with fisticuff fights, like we did in our generation. No, if you lose, now you want to go to weapons.”

During an emergency school committee meeting in February, Canavan and a number of other teachers described the chaos they face on a daily basis trying to wrestle control over the 3,500 students who roam the halls of Brockton High.

They reported witnessing students getting into fights, dealing and doing drugs, and according to one teacher, “having sex” in empty classrooms.

Brockton High School’s student body is 61% black, 18% Hispanic and 13% white.

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