The Biden-Harris Ticket is Fully Jewed-Up

Jews may not be on the Biden-Harris ticket but you can be sure they will be pulling strings from behind the scenes as usual.

All three of Biden’s children married Jews. His son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015 and afterwards his Jew wife seduced his brother Hunter and stole him away from his goy wife. When they broke up, Hunter found another Jewess to shack up with.

Jewish Daily Forward:

All three of Biden’s children — Beau and Hunter, his sons with his first wife, Neilia Biden, and Ashley, his daughter with current wife Jill Jacobs biden — married members of the tribe. Here’s a rundown of the Jewish members of the Biden clan.

In the late 1990s, Hunter Biden and his wife at the time, Kathleen Buhle, bought a rambling fixer-upper in Wilmington, Del. They invited Beau to move in, and the house soon became a weekend destination for friends and friends of friends. It was there that Beau met Hallie Olivere, a Jewish Delaware native whose parents owned a dry-cleaning business. Beau won Hallie over with his constant energy and formidable public speaking skills. The couple married in 2002 and had two children, Natalie and Hunter, before Beau died of brain cancer in 2015.

In the aftermath of Beau’s death, Hallie began a relationship with Hunter. “We were sharing a very specific grief,” Hunter said in a New Yorker profile. “I started to think of Hallie as the only person in my life who understood my loss.”

The relationship sparked a tabloid frenzy, especially since Hunter was battling alcohol addiction and separating from Kathleen at the time. But the Biden clan was largely supportive: although Biden found out about the relationship when a reporter from the New York Post called for comment. He quickly issued a statement saying that Hunter and Hallie “have mine and Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them.” (Hunter later told the New Yorker he’d appealed to his father to make a public statement so that his and Hallie’s children, who are cousins, would understand that there was nothing “wrong” with the relationship).

In 2019, Hallie and Hunter split up. “All we got was shit from everybody,” Hunter told the New Yorker. Hallie, an admissions officer at a private day school in Wilmington, generally avoids the spotlight and has not spoken publicly about the relationship.

In May 2019, just as newspapers were reporting his breakup with Hallie, Hunter met South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen. Less than a week later, the couple got engaged. Ahead of their wedding, which took place on the roof deck of Cohen’s Los Angeles apartment, Hunter got a bicep tattoo to match one Cohen already had: the word “Shalom,” written in Hebrew letters.

Little information is available about Cohen’s filmmaking work. But prior to her marriage, she posted frequently about social justice topics on her now-defunct Facebook page, focusing on the environment, labor rights, and refugee issues.

On social media, Cohen appears as an outspoken supporter of President Obama. In the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville she rebuked President Trump harshly. “To those of you who voted for this POS [piece of s**t] you should be ashamed. That’s all,” she wrote.

In 2012, Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s youngest child and only daughter, married Howard Krein, an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) and plastic surgeon who works at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia.

Biden was evidently pleased to see his daughter marry a member of the tribe. “I’m the only Irish Catholic you know who had his dream met because his daughter married a Jewish surgeon,” he quipped in 2016.

Kamala Harris is also married to a Jew called Doug Emhoff. Why doesn’t she use her married name?

It looks like the Dems are trying to play down his Jewishness, but Jews are already salivating at the prospect of a “Second Mensch.”

Jewish Daily Forward:

And no one is more thrilled about this development than Emhoff’s mother, Barbara.

“My son is a wonderful guy, a wonderful son, and he’s brilliant,” she gushed when reached at her California home just before Shabbat.

But when pressed about her son’s Jewish upbringing, she demurred: “We’ve been sworn to secrecy,” she said. “We were told not to talk to anybody.”

But with Shabbat coming in, perhaps she felt a little generous.

“He was bar mitzvahed in New Jersey, I can tell you that,” she said.

And what about Jewish day school? Or Jewish summer camp?

“Believe me,” she went on, “I really wish I could talk because I think he’s incredible. Just know he was a wonderful, bright student and a great kid.

“Maybe after they get to the White House, I’ll be more free.”

Emhoff has been calling on the old Jews’ network to help out Harris’ political career.

A few years later, Harris won a Senate seat and declared a presidential bid, while Emhoff pursued avenues to help her. As she hit the campaign trail, Emhoff flew to Chicago to meet with Alan Solow, former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and a national co-chair of the Obama-Biden re-election campaign. Although Emhoff had been involved with the Jewish-inspired pro bono legal services organization, Bet Tzedek, as a young attorney in Los Angeles, he did not have a great deal of experience with the organized Jewish community.

“He asked me a lot about the architecture of the Jewish community,” Solow, a lawyer-turned-political consultant said. “I think he is a person who clearly identifies himself as part of the Jewish people — that’s a significant part of his identity — but I would say he has not spent his life in the Jewish organizational world. He was respectful of that and curious about how that worked.”

Harris, on the other hand, has been deeply connected to the Jewish community throughout her political career. Some of her staunchest supporters and biggest donors are Bay Area Jewish women Amy Friedkin, Cissie Swig and Anita Friedman. As a freshman Senator, the first bill Harris co-sponsored condemned a UN Security Council resolution calling Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal, and called for a two-state solution. She also co-sponsored a bill condemning anti-Semitic hate crimes, including on college campuses.

In 2017, Harris delivered a keynote speech at AIPAC Policy Conference, where she recounted a childhood memory of collecting money for the Jewish National Fund. “I never sold Girl Scout Cookies,” Harris said at AIPAC, “but I raised money to plant trees in Israel.” During a breakout session, when asked what sparked her relationship to Israel, she replied: “I don’t know when it started. It’s almost like saying ‘When did you first realize you loved your family? Or love your country?’ It just was always there. It was always there.”

If Biden-Harris get in, the Jews will be popping corks like it’s 1917.