The Insanity of the “Everything is a Hoax” Conspiracy Crowd

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
July 24, 2014

Stay grounded.
Stay grounded.

Andrew Anglin recently posted an insightful article talking about the recent Malaysia Airlines MH17 incident in Ukraine and the theories that will undoubtedly circulate around the Internet over the next few days and weeks.  I felt that the topic was important enough to expand on some of the ideas he presented.  One of the topics he brought up dealt with a group of people who basically believe that every significant event covered by the mainstream Jew run media is a hoax.  The problem with this group is that many of them are just automatically assuming that all of these events are hoaxes and that nothing ever really happens.  This mode of thinking is quite frankly insane and presenting many of the various hoax theories doesn’t seem to be very effective as far as bringing more people on our side.  Unfortunately, this mode of thinking is becoming more and more accepted as people are having an increasingly difficult time determining what’s real and what’s not in this digital era.

It isn’t as if I completely reject the notion that there are certain events that could be hoaxes.  I personally believe that there is a significant amount of evidence to suggest that the Jew Holocaust, the Apollo Moon landings, Sandy Hook mass shooting and other FBI connected terror and mass shooting events were faked, scripted or staged in various capacities.  Some may agree or disagree with my assessment on each one of these events and that’s fine.  However, with many of these events we see people endlessly debating different theories on what may or may not have happened and I fail to see how this accomplishes anything of substance.

This “everything is a hoax” mindset seems to have spawned from a variety of sources.  One of them is the theory about the 9/11 attacks which suggests that no planes were flown into the Twin Towers.  This theory appeared in the 9/11 truth community at around the same time that more and more people expressed doubts about the official story.  One of the people who originally supported this idea was a Jewess by the name of Dr. Judy Wood who has also claimed that there is evidence suggesting that a directed energy weapon brought down the Twin Towers.  I’ve listened to some of her interviews and she spends most of her time misdirecting questions and talking in circles while leaving the listener completely confused as to the point she’s trying to make.  The material on her website is equally if not more confusing and doesn’t seem to prove anything of substance.

The 9/11 no plane theory has not been used for practical or substantive purposes.

The 9/11 no plane theory has also been pushed by someone named Simon Shack who created a film called September Clues.  The film claims that much if not all of the video footage taken of the 9/11 attacks has been manipulated or faked.  This is difficult to believe for a variety of reasons because it suggests an incredibly vast conspiracy ranging across multiple different organizations and even people who independently recorded the events.  On top of this, Shack has even gone so far as to say that nobody died on 9/11 and that satellites and nuclear weapons don’t exist.  Although I can’t prove this conclusively, there is a distinct possibility based upon photos of Shack that he is also Jewish which may explain some of these strange views that he’s promoting.

Fox News back in the mid-2000s allowed Morgan Reynolds the chief economist for the U.S. Labor Department under George W. Bush to spend a short segment promoting the no plane theory.  He spent several minutes talking about holographic planes and other nonsense despite the fact that there are obviously many more common sense questions about the official 9/11 story that could have been explored.  This is important because the no plane theory appears to have been put out in order to create division among those who questioned the official narrative.  It also served as a way to make casual observers believe that people questioning the official 9/11 story are crazy or insane.  Even if it could be conclusively proven that no planes were used on 9/11, what would this substantively accomplish?  Is proving this theory really more important than simply letting people know that the official narrative is a lie and that various Jews were involved in the plot?  It just seems as if many of the no plane theory supporters are more interested in using the theory to argue with and discredit other 9/11 researchers.

Another source of the “everything is a hoax” mindset has come from the idea that various political figures are not real people and are just characters portrayed by actors.  One of the primary proponents of this is Ed Chiarini also known as Dallas Goldbug who runs a website called WellAware1.  He claims to use ear analysis to match up figures in politics, media and entertainment as a way to prove that they are the same person.  He has literally made hundreds of these supposed matches even when the two people don’t seem to look anything like each other.

Admittedly some of his alleged matches are quite humorous and worth a good laugh.  He’s alleged that Walt Disney and Adolf Hitler were the same person, Beau Bridges is really Alex Jones, Nelson Mandela is really Morgan Freeman and that JFK was never assassinated and is the same person as Jimmy Carter.  Common sense dictates that these and many of his other conclusions appear to be factually inaccurate.  After all, just because someone resembles another person, it doesn’t automatically mean they are the same person.  Even if all of his work could be proven true it is unclear as to what any of this would actually accomplish.  It is obvious that the Jew run media pushes all sorts of lies and deceptions and we don’t need to prove that two different people in the world of politics, media and entertainment are the same person in order to understand this.

The “everything is a hoax” mindset has also been fueled by a number of highly questionable mass shooting events like Sandy Hook and others.  Even though it appears as if there is evidence suggesting that some of these events could have been staged or faked in a certain capacity, it doesn’t mean that we can conclusively say that every one of these events is a hoax.  It is also counter productive to argue back and forth on this especially if there is a larger agreement among people that the official narrative surrounding these events is an obvious lie or that it is pushing a specific agenda.  In most cases disproving the official story is easier and more effective at reaching people than trying to specifically prove that the event was faked.

There’s also the notion that crisis actors may have been used in some of these questionable events.  This has also contributed to the “everything is a hoax” mindset.  The Boston Marathon bombing and the Giffords shooting incident are two such events where this has been alleged.  I suppose this is a possibility as we do see drills that often times correlate with events such as these.  However, in most cases this is hard to prove and the average person who we are trying to reach is going to have a difficult time believing such a scenario.

It just appears as if far too many researchers get caught up in the nuances and specifics of these events instead of focusing in on the practical outcome of them.  For instance in the case of the recent MH17 incident, it is obvious that this event regardless of what anyone concludes, is going to be used to demonize Vladimir Putin and Russia.  The fact that Hillary Clinton and others were already placing blame on Russia before any proper investigation has taken place shows that from a practical standpoint the specifics of what happened doesn’t matter.  What matters most is the propaganda they push as a result of the event and what their desired outcome is from the propaganda.

If the official story of the MH17 incident can be proven false does it matter if it was a hoax or not?

The same can be said for all of these so-called mass shooting events.  It is less important if the event was real or faked.  What is more important is how they have been used to push gun control legislation, more militarized police and more restrictive laws.

It is worth noting that much of the propaganda pushed by the Jew run media consists of a simple and straight forward message that almost anyone can understand.  Even though their messages are mostly lies, the simple nature of their message is much more effective in achieving their goals.  We can take a lesson from this.  By presenting a message that confuses the average person which is often the case with many of these theories surrounding crisis actors, television fakery and hoax events, a simplistic high level view of what happened should be presented.

Using the MH17 incident as an example, it is arguably much more effective to say that the Jew run establishment has unfairly blamed Russia for the incident before any conclusive investigation has taken place.  They are doing this because the Jews want to demonize pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine and possibly start a larger war with Russia.  This is a truthful but straight forward statement and easier for a casual observer to understand.  Getting into theories about fakery, the MH370 plane, hoaxes and who knows what else is presenting an unnecessarily complex message.

The bottom line is that it is crazy to believe that “everything is a hoax” and that nothing ever really happens.  Even though it is certainly possible that some of these events have been staged or faked, it is often times not a relevant factor if our goal is to reach a larger number of people.  Depending upon the event, these theories usually end up confusing people and the larger more important message gets lost.  It is one thing if it is easy and simple to prove that something is a hoax like the Jew Holocaust fables of soap and lampshades but entirely different when dealing with an event like the 9/11 attacks.  The average person is going to be more apt to believe that the official story is a lie based on simple explanations versus buying into theories about no planes, directed energy weapons and faked video.  This is why a simple yet truthful message is much more effective in countering the lies that the Jew run media pushes.  From there the individual can research on their own and draw their own conclusions.  If we present the truth in this form, any additional research the individual does will validate our message and bring them on our side.