The International Jew Attacks Hungary

Modern Heretic
June 18, 2015

We need this "culture."
We need this “culture.”

The tiniest European countries must become dumping grounds for foreign garbage, the jew assures us. We need a million Somalis in Luxembourg. Attempting to maintain your national culture, religion and civilization is, after all “races.” Unless it’s Israel. When a White nation resists these suicidal demands made by zionist aliens they must be brought back into line and forced to resume the slow slouch toward genetic suicide. For that, the international jew springs into action, rushing to attack Whiten nations and present kosher “narratives” to encourage White genocide. Europe has a choice to make. Die to appease an enemy that hates you, put your head in the demographic noose for fear of being called a name by the jew outsider, or resist. In Hungary, the battle lines have been drawn.


One features a tour guide from Afghanistan, another a Bangladeshi woman who runs a restaurant with her husband. The United Nations’ refugee agency is setting up billboards presenting successful refugees in Hungary, countering the government’s intense anti-migrant campaign that it calls a catalyst for xenophobia.

After all, we desperately need more tour guides. These two might be the only foreign invasion “success stories” in all of Europe, assuming the claims are actually true. See, here’s the mythical “one good one” that proves wanting to preserve your heritage and land is wrong. Think of the filthy, reeking and over-priced “ethnic” restaurants and jihadan tours of European landmarks that have lost all meaning that you’ll miss out on.

While fringe groups are usually behind European anti-foreigner movements, Hungary is unusual in that it’s the government that is driving the backlash.

While most European countries are fully controlled by Big jew and rushing toward the grave Hungary is unusual in that its government actually represents the people that live there instead of foreign sewage and the jew wire-puller.

On Wednesday, Hungary’s foreign minister announced that the government is considering a 4-meter-high (13-foot-high) fence along border with Serbia to stop the flow of migrants reaching the country.

Get it built today, while it can still make a difference. The alternative is becoming the United Kaliphate, El-France, Swedenistan, etc.

The hardening line has alarmed U.N. officials monitoring refugee rights.

The jew is not happy.

“We want to live here, that’s why we opened up a restaurant,” reads the billboard featuring Bangladeshi restaurateur Begum Ali.

We’re going to keep our alien culture and religion, of course, but we have no problem leeching off your success.

By contrast, the government has set up billboards reading: “If you come to Hungary, you cannot take away Hungarians’ jobs” or “If you come to Hungary, you must respect out laws.”

A sane White government? Is such a thing even possible in today’s world?

This insane dhimmitude is far more typical.
This insane dhimmitude is far more typical.

“He’s cute,” student Krisztina Molnar said of a billboard of an Afghan tour guide called Dariush. “He doesn’t look threatening at all but I’ve never met any refugees. I think there is plenty of room in Hungary to take in refugees.”

“I’m sure they’ll all be like that. Having a massive invasion of incompatible outsiders won’t hurt my country like it has everywhere else. I’m a total and complete idiot.”

Habib Deldar, a 29-year-old who came to Hungary in 2004 from Afghanistan, said Hungary was considered a gateway by most migrants. “Most don’t want to live here, as we usually call this place ‘a little window of Europe’ from where they can move to the EU,” said Deldar, who runs a textile store and also works as a translator for Hungarian police and migration authorities.

Habibi would rather be in Western Europe, where total surrender to cultural destruction has already taken place, but any White nation is better than this animal’s ruined homeland.

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs rejected the UNHCR’s claim of xenophobia. “This is the usual, the most common and in many respects the cheapest argument against a political questionnaire,” Kovacs said.

Are you willing to die to prevent jewish slurs? Think carefully, White man.

He emphasized the differences between the success of a few individual refugees and the large numbers of unskilled migrants arriving daily in Hungary, around 400 a day over the past week.

Yeah. No shit.

The government billboards — which are in Hungarian — have also spurred a cottage industry among activists vying to deface or distort the original messages. Several activists have been detained by police over the past days for vandalizing the posters.

Time for the pathetic response from “anti-racists.”

By painting over parts of the slogans, for example, one billboard’s message was transformed from “If you come to Hungary, you must respect our culture” to “Hungary needs culture.”

The logic of Stockholm Syndrome. Dull and boring Whites need to be enriched by welfare colonists representing a backwards and violent desert cult. It’s all a lie.