The Persistent Achievement Gap Between the White Man and the Savage

Modern Heretic
September 4, 2014

We be gettin’ our learn on.

Reality is racist. In the holy writ of our state religion this is the cornerstone, the starting point from which every article of faith originates. To be a good marxist, a good mensch, you must ignore the massive evidence contradicting the kosher narrative. This willful ignorance is becoming increasingly difficult as hate ideas and heresies are being dragged into the light despite the best efforts of the nation wreckers. Genetic differences in racial intelligence and behavior are undeniable, but actually acknowledging this reality and the societal implications is forbidden by the cult of equality. When the inevitable negro and la-teen-oh failure occurs, we get farcical “the earth is flat!” explanations from the communists.

NY Daily News:

Dozens of public schools across the city failed to pass even a single black or Hispanic student on this year’s state math or reading exams, a new analysis shows.

Genetic determinism in action. Despite endless spending, endless cowardly appeasement, the “people of color” are still failing.

Pro-charter school group Families for Excellent Schools found no black or Hispanic kids passed the standardized tests — based on the more stringent Common Core standards — at 90 schools with diverse student bodies.

By “diverse” they mean nothing but ugly and hostile brown faces, open tribal warfare in the halls, teachers that act more as zookeepers than educators and the general stink of African and Latin American failure inside a White-funded practice prison.

Families for Excellent Schools CEO Jeremiah Kittredge said the study’s findings should shock the city Education Department into taking fresh action to help struggling students.

Time to spend more money. That will work, right?

“It’s time for bold and transformational change,” said Kittredge. “We need to acknowledge that this is not the fault of children — it’s the fault of our system.”

The same empty words, the same delusions. We’re not equal. Fifty years of pretending otherwise has murdered our nation.

None of them passed a test of basic skills.

Education Department officials have struggled for years to close the persistent achievement gap faced by black and Hispanic kids in the city’s public schools.

It’s almost like there’s real genetic differences, but that can’t be true because the electronic synagogue is full of negro doctors and lawyers.

We be gettin’ our learn on.

Although black and Hispanic students posted better scores on the 2014 exams compared with 2013, the achievement gap still worsened, since white and Asian kids saw bigger increases.

It sure is unusual that Asians are succeeding despite the evil racism emanating from White bodies.Please don’t come to the obvious conclusion that there are massive racial differences in intelligence.

At 31 city schools with a combined enrollment of 1,065 black students, none passed the state math exam. At another 28 schools, zero out of 613 Hispanic students passed the math test. State reading exams saw similar results.

Fuel for democracy.

None of them passed a test of basic skills.

The schools where no minority kids passed the tests were a mixed group. Some, such as Public School 114 in Belle Harbor, Queens, were relatively high-performing schools that enrolled few black and Hispanic kids.

Spending doesn’t help. Surrounding them with Whites doesn’t help. It’s time for their removal.


Education Department spokeswoman Devora Kaye said: “We are committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of ethnicity or background, receive a high-quality education.”

This make-work negress is being paid big money from the White tax-paying sucker to fail miserably.

“Dis cheez mant gap be pee-siss-tant, gnomesayin’?”