The Ukraine Training Soldiers to Shoot at Russian Drones with Old Guns

Yeah, you can just shoot down drones with rifles.

It’s so obvious.

I wonder why they never thought of this before??

New York Post:

Ukrainian soldiers in mobile air defense units have been training in a secret location in northern Ukraine as Russia continues to barrage the country with hundreds of drone strikes.

In the last two months, Russia launched over 800 drones to bombard Ukraine, including the largest attack on Kyiv since the start of the war on Saturday, according to the Ukrainian Air Force and Defense Intelligence.

Military officials said Moscow is holding on to its stock of 870 cruise and ballistic missiles for its major attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, planning to repeat tactics from last winter.

In an undisclosed location in the country’s north, Ukrainian instructors pilot dummy drones made to imitate the Iranian-made Shahed drone Russia uses, as soldiers man decades-old machine guns and anti-aircraft guns mounted on pick-up trucks take aim at the aerial weapons, ABC News reported.

If it’s an undisclosed location, why are they posting pictures of it?

Seriously, how stupid are these people?