TheRightStuff.Biz Says Anglin Must be the Real Fed for Asking Why They Put a Fugitive Drug Dealer in Charge of Their Security

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2019

On Sunday, I posted a 2012 audio recording of the guy who runs the security for all of’s real life meet-up groups talking about how he is a drug dealer who was arrested in 2012 for being part of a drug trafficking conspiracy.

This individual, “Jim Object,” who goes by “Jayoh De La Rey” in his capacity as the head of TRS’s security, claimed that he escaped federal custody by lying to the feds, saying that he would turn people in to them and then flee to South America. This recording was made just three years before he joined TRS and became head of their security.

There are any possible number of things that could be going on here.

Here are a few, off the top of my head:

  1. Jim Object was extradited from South America on the drug charges and agreed to infiltrate right wing movements (TRS) in order to avoid prison time.
  2. Jim Object is a cop, and was working as a cop infiltrating “anarcho-capitalist” movements in 2012, before he was reassigned to TRS in 2015.
  3. Jim Object is a pathological liar, who for some reason Mike Enoch thought was trustworthy enough to be put in charge of all security for his group.

Number three might seem the most innocent, but if that is the case then why is he not simply fired for this? You’ll remember that “Eli Mosley” was caught out as a liar, having engaged in stolen valor, and was immediately fired from TRS. And yet Jim Object’s lies are much more extreme, much more damning, and he remains.

We should also remind everyone that Jim Object was the point of contact between TRS, the admitted fed snitch Christopher Cantwell and the costumed freak Matt Heimbach. He was in a secret chat room with these people – for who knows what purpose???

Inquiring minds want to know!

Of course, if there is nothing going on here and everything is totally above board, then certainly there shouldn’t be any problem with TRS simply coming out and explaining what is going on – right? 

Surely, people with nothing to hide don’t engage in massive conspiracies to hide everything they’re doing, right?


What we found might surprise you.

TRS Shuts Everything Down, Vaguely Accuses Anglin of Being the REAL Fed

Inquiring minds will never know, because TRS policy is to never address any issue anyone takes with them. They will instead block your phone and slyly accuse you of things for daring to question them.

I told you yesterday that TRS would not respond to any of this, and would instead engage in a massive cover-up, confirming their absolute guilt. And this is exactly what has happened.

In fact, what these people are doing is whataboutism, and claiming that I’m the real fed – because only a fed would ever ask about Jim Object!

They first spent their whole yesterday deleting comments on their website of anyone who dared ask about this Jayoh recording.

Eric Striker Damage Controller

Eric Striker says that anyone who asks about Jim Object is either insane or a fed themselves. That they’re involved in COINTELPRO.

Because you’d have to be a fed to wonder why a guy who sells heroin, fucks trannies, was on the run from the feds as an international fugitive and had been in discussions about working as a snitch would be put in charge of security for a far right group, where he was handling all private information.

Literally, COINTELPRO and their agents are the only ones who would ask about that.

Then he blocks you.

And Mike Enoch?

Well, he is above it all, and realizes that anyone who questions his loyalty to Jim Object is a complete and total fed.

And if you don’t understand that anyone who questions him is a fed – then you have a low IQ.

“It’s ‘gay ops,’ goyim. Anglin is a bad actor with ill intent, otherwise why would he bring up the fact that my head of security claimed to be a tranny-fucking heroin dealer who fled the country on the run from the feds? I will not stoop to the gay level of explaining why this is all perfectly fine and there are no problems with this at all, and if you can’t see how this is all totally fine, you have a low IQ.”

Sadly, even on his Twitter hugbox, where anyone who isn’t a part of his group is banned, there are many taking issue with the idea that anyone who asks about Jim Object must be a fed.

Rough crowd, Mike!

Real rough crowd!

Tough crowd on your website’s comments section, as well!

That is of course now totally shut down again!

Almost like your followers aren’t quite as retarded as you’d hoped!

Maybe you should just keep calling me a fed for daring to post the Jim Object recording, without ever directly addressing the Jim Object recording, and maybe the stupid goyim will eventually believe you!

Or maybe your entire operation is going to completely collapse as a result of you just lying to all of your own followers, openly demonstrating that you believe they are retarded!

Who knows!

Whatever the case, I’m here and would be happy to do a show with you any time, where you can answer my questions. And of course, since you people are doing your little baby whataboutism game, I’d be happy to answer all your questions as well – just like I always answer anyone’s questions, whatever they are (the opposite of your strategy).

After all, if this isn’t the gigantic conspiracy that it so obviously appears to be, then there’s nothing to hide, right? You can just come out and answer all these questions, right?

Right Mike?

Because if you’re not willing to answer any questions, or give any direct statements, everyone MUST assume the worst, which is that you are all feds, and that your entire operation since sometime in 2016-17 has functioned as a fed honeypot, and that anyone associated with it is compromised.

Obviously, the worst possible case is that you’re setting people up to be involved in some kind of terrorist network. I’m not saying I believe that. But that is clearly the worst possible case. And the fact that you are involving Christopher Cantwell, Matthew Heimbach and all of the rest of these absolute freaks in your operation, which is being handled by Jim Object the heroin dealer fugitive, makes it at least within the realm of possibility. And something that everyone needs to at least consider. Especially when by refusing to give any explanation at all of what the hell you are doing, you put us in a position of being required to consider the worst possible scenarios.

Whatever the case, Mike – summoning up the fat costumed slob Hunter Wallace to call us all Jews… really, really not a smart way to handle this thing, guy.

I mean, if that’s your master plan well then.

I dunno, bro.

I just don’t know.

UPDATE #1: TRS Host Alex McNabb Purposefully Lies and Defames Andrew Anglin as Part of Bizarre Whataboutist Defense

This is a tweet from Alex McNabb, one of the main hosts of TRS (after being given permission to attack by an Aryan princess) – he is “katetrask”:

Alex McNabb knows for a fact that I was never arrested by the feds. No one has ever even accused me of that. He also knows that I never fled the country. I have had conversations with him about how I left the country in 2012 – long before the system ever came down on me – and have chosen not to return.

But accusing me of being arrested by the feds? Why? If these people are not a bunch of scumbags engaged in some kind of weird conspiracy, then what could possibly be the reason for defaming me on purpose?

And why is it fine to go around defaming me on the internet, but not okay to talk to me directly?

Why not talk to me, Alex? If you’ve got something to say to me – here I am, bud.

Right here.

Waiting to hear from you.

And hey – suppose I was a criminal on the run or whatever the hell he’s implying – WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH JIM OBJECT, ALEX?

This is the core of whataboutism: it simply reinforces the initial issue, by proving that they cannot respond to it.

Anyway – all of you – here I am.

Waiting to talk, whenever you’re ready.

UPDATE #2: Mike Peinovich Can’t Post on Twitter Without Being Mobbed with Questions About His Heroin Dealer Felon Security Chief!

This whole “if you don’t trust me that none of this can ever be discussed publicly or else the Jews win, then you have a low IQ” strategy does not appear to be working out very well for the boys.

Apparently, TRS did an entire show without addressing any of this.

However, even with the comments on their website completely shut down, they cannot escape the questions. Because there remain inquiring minds on Twitter.

Peinovich posted the latest show, and the comments were all bad.

He is saying that the “IQ test” is whether or not you believe that anyone who questions him is part of a conspiracy.

Because me posting A RECORDING OF HIS CHIEF OF SECURITY SAYING IN HIS OWN WORDS all that stuff about being a heroin dealer on the run from the feds is a “gay op,” and anyone who thinks it matters… has a low IQ?

Or maybe it’s this:

In what reality does it make sense to bury criticism to the point of shutting down all comments and feedback, completely? How could you not be guilty at that point? How could anyone be so LOW IQ as to believe that you aren’t guilty at that point?

I’m right here. I’m a normal person, more than willing to engage in a totally normal conversation in which we talk about Jim Object’s heroin dealing and his relationship with the feds and how he got to become chief of security for TRS.

AND ONCE AGAIN: if there is nothing shady going on here, then there is simply zero need to engage in a conspiracy of silence. There is no conceivable scenario in which perfectly innocent people engage in a vast conspiracy of silence when questioned by their entire customer base and instead start throwing out bizarre accusations and lies about anyone who dares ask why a tranny-fucking heroin dealer who is in secret contact with feds is their chief of security.

UPDATE #3: Eric Striker Says the Recording is “Disinfo”

Get a load of this.

What could it mean that it’s “disinfo”?

Is it not his voice on the recording?

It is obviously his voice.

So what is the disinfo? Just releasing it is disinfo? Is this like the new DARPA program, where truth can be used to deceive, so true statements need to be censored?

If that’s the case, then why not just explain it, guys?

Do you people actually think that you can just keep blocking and deleting comments indefinitely?

What are you going to do about me, Eric and Mike? Are you going to have me assassinated? Or are you just going to keep hiding behind the huge ass of Hunter Wallace, posting weird shit about my bitcoin donations and suggesting that I must be the real fed or otherwise why would I ever post that recording of Jayoh talking about being a heroin dealer?

UPDATE #4: Oh Dear. Now Mike is Blocking Everyone Who Questions Him on Twitter.

It has finally come to this.

After removing comments from the site, after doing his best to ignore everything, Mike Enoch is now blocking all who question him on Twitter, leaving only Hunter Wallace and his shills talking about how I got bitcoin donations so maybe I’m the real fed after all.

Striker has been blocking everyone the whole time.

But I didn’t expect Mike to sink that low.

I thought he would judge people based on the mysterious IQ test.

Once again, boys: hit me up whenever. We’ll put the recorder on, I’ll ask my questions, and assuming there’s nothing shady going on here, by the end of our talk everything will be sorted out and we’ll just be laughing it off.

The only reason I can figure you wouldn’t take me up on that offer is that you have something massive and massively malicious to hide.