They’re Digging Up Nathan Bedford Forrest and His Wife’s Corpses

Earlier this year

The government has decided to dig up the bones of Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife as a way to humiliate whites.

Corpse defilement is becoming more and more popular across the spectrum as a method for reminding goyim of their place.

Nina Golgowski is celebrating over at Huffington Post:

Workers on Tuesday began removing the body of a former slave trader, Ku Klux Klan leader, and Confederate general from a park in Memphis, Tennessee.

The remains of Confederate Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife Mary will be moved to a museum dedicated to the Confederacy after an out of court agreement was reached last year between the local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the nonprofit Memphis Greenspace, which owns Health Sciences Park, local station WREG had previously reported.

Memphis Greenspace is an NGO that was set up specifically to bypass state laws that said you can’t remove any statues/monuments/etc. from public property.

The race traitor Democrat mayor then started selling parks to this NGO for around $1,000 each so they could remove the monuments, because it’s okay when a private company does it. The Constitution says only the government can’t dig up your corpse.

The park, which has contained Forrest’s tomb since the start of the 20th century, was previously named after the late racist leader and featured a statue of him on a horse. Both tributes were removed within the last eight years.

“I think this is symbolic of where we are heading as a country, as a nation, that we can be united from many,” Van Turner, president of Memphis Greenspace, told reporters, adding that he believes the move is a “win-win scenario for everyone.”

“The Forrest family, the sons, will be able to have the remains in a place where those remains will have peace. And we’ll be able to have a park that is a park that can be used by all of the residents of Memphis’ Shelby County,” he said.

The removal of the tomb didn’t happen without protest, however.

A man who was reportedly volunteering at the site staged a one-man demonstration before local media, dumping bricks on top of a Black Lives Matter mural that had been painted on nearby pavement, and interrupting a local Black councilwoman as she tried holding a press conference.

Councilwoman Tami Sawyer, who identified herself as the descendent of slaves, had pushed for the tomb’s removal. Videos posted to social media show that, as she attempted to speak with local media, Sawyer was repeatedly interrupted by the man, who hurled obscenities at her, waved a Confederate flag, and loudly sang “Dixie Land” ― a song that pays homage to the south ― behind her.

“We are not post-racial America, we are not post-racial Memphis, this hatred and this racism is large and loud,” she said as the man continued to make a ruckus behind her.

Black people don’t actually care about this. They don’t really even understand the concept of time, let alone history.

If in 1976, before the release of the TV film “Roots,” you would have told a black person like Tami Sawyer that her ancestors were slaves hundreds of years ago, she would not have known what the word “slave” means, as blacks have a very limited vocabulary that only relates to things in their life. If you’d explained what the institution of slavery was, she would have said: “Dayyyyyyyum. You know, I mighta be has heard somefin bot dat. Yo says dat shit be iz happen in hundreds year? Yeh, think I herd sumfin. Huk-eh. Niggas back din ain’t eben had no TV. Mah mammy sed she was jus watchin’ the street all day. I ain’t eben know what I be did if I is be looked at da street all day. Huk-eh. Man, have you be has a quarter? I jus nees a quarter.”

The entire claim that blacks are somehow mourning over slavery is totally nonsensical if you’ve ever been around black people.

All of this anti-white stuff is just that: anti-white. It is not pro-black. Black people do not get anything out of this, other than resentment and likely much worse. But it is sold to blacks by Jews as a way for them to gain power.