This is Either the Worst or the Best Tweet I’ve Seen Yet

Just read this “Institute for the Study of War” tweet several times. It will take you a second.

Here’s the link. I screen shotted it because this looks like something that may be deleted at some point.

Do you get it?

I think the thing is that you’re not supposed to get it. Or maybe the person writing it didn’t get it. I don’t know.

But you people are smart. You get it.

This is like saying:

Belichick may have ordered the Patriots to score four touchdowns to create the illusion that Jets were losing the game despite substantial fan support.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. I am of course referring to a sports analogy on the Daily Stormer.

But also, that tweet.

I have seen very weird language from think tanks, but it’s generally meant to communicate something that is distasteful or outrageous in an innocuous way. The purpose of that however is to ensure that the majority of people are unable to understand an idea that, if stated in normal language, would upset them. It’s basically coded language. Most normal people would not understand the above tweet, but this is not a message that means anything.

The normal language translation would be:

Putin is telling the Russian military to win, to give the false impression that the Russian military is winning, despite all of the money and weapons the West sent to the Ukraine.

It’s a nonsense statement. If someone is winning, they are winning – giving the false impression of winning by winning is not a coherent concept.

There are infinite variations of this:

The man lit a cigarette in order to give the false impression that he was lighting a cigarette, despite the fact that he was in a no smoking area.

Weird statements and lies about the Ukraine war are legion, certainly, but this is by far the strangest.

The Institute for the Study of War claims not to be a “research institute,” and tries to act like they are publishing objective analysis, but it’s just a totally Jewish neocon think tank like any of the rest (excluding the fact that it advertises itself a lot more, providing “analysis” that other think tanks might be too tainted to put out there). They get cited a lot, simply because it is less offensive than hearing “Brookings Institute,” which is so well-known to be a warmongering group.

It was started by Russian Jew Kimberly Kagan. She the husband of Frederich Kagan, who is the brother of Robert Kagan, who is the husband of Victoria Nuland. Washington is just a big Jewish jerk-off.

Of course, no one is bombarding the tweet and demanding an explanation, because under Elon Musk’s brutal censorship regime, anyone who questions the Jews is banned.